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Gasps, laughs and cheers as Act II sum up the year with humour and satire

Act II - review of 2019

Clay Lake studio, Spalding

Ninety minutes of laughs and gasps were served up by Act II on Friday evening as they took a fun poke at 2019 and the characters who had dominated it.

Jo and Dominique in rehearsal for Act II's revue 2019. (23922078)
Jo and Dominique in rehearsal for Act II's revue 2019. (23922078)

Letting the kids step down for a minute, it was director Karl Gernert, Penelope Harrall, Dominique Spinks and Jo Wheatley who once again took to the stage, with a non-stop, revolving door of satirical humour.

From the opening sketch where political leaders performed a Spice Girls medley, to the vacuous Rebekah Vardy/Coleen Rooney social media spat, there wasn't a moment of the year left untouched.

Greta Thunberg put world leaders in detention, Russian leader Vladimir Putin put his drug cheat athletes through their paces and Jeremy Corbyn's mum was called into school because her son kept copying Diane Abbot's maths homework and, of course, she'd got her sums wrong!

There was loads of politics, of course, with Penelope developing her brilliant Theresa May dancing to a host of new tunes, Karl singing Eminem's Without Me, but as Nigel Farage, and Dominique giving a quite literally 'stand out' performance as Jo Swinson. Karl makes for a very good Boris Johnson and his heartbroken Corbyn at the end of the election even pulled on the heart strings a little!

Every weakness of each leader was seized on so delightfully that you almost wished they were there to cringe and suffer – but there was no bias at all and everyone was fair game.

Local issues were given a good airing too, with the Western Relief Road saga re-imagined as Nineties TV show Ground Force, with the team coming in to demolish residents' houses while they're at a planning consultation. The Market Deeping Railway Club vandalism sketch was very clever, putting it all at the hands of 'Failing Grayling' and the Oasis parody 'Lidl by Lidl' dealt with the supermarket opening a second Spalding store and the public's seeming obsession with getting a KFC in the town.

The Royal Family weren't beyond ridicule either, with Prince Philip's car crash, his son Andrew's arrogant TV interview and the Daily Mail's hatred of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex all lending themselves to hilarious skits.

This show is never greatly publicised and always performed to a few, small audiences, but please get along and watch it next year if you can. You won't regret it.

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