Tournament proves a winner

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Spalding Gleed School winning tournament

As the tournament proved so successful last year, it was decided that another fund-raising tournament would be held again this year.

The eight teams were drawn into two groups. Group A was made up of the Police, the Year 13 sports class, the level 3s in the Public Services course at the South Holland Post 16 Centre and last year’s winners, the Sir John Gleed Teachers.

Group B was made up of the Post Office, Year 12 sports class, the level 2s in the Public Services course and the 2014 Leavers.

Teacher on the Public Services course, Mr Jason Clarke, said: “The tournament was played in good spirits throughout all the matches.

“The friendly atmosphere added to the competitiveness and made the tournament even more successful.”

The money raised by the tournament went towards Callum Pite’s Smile Charity, a charity that the Post 16 Centre often fund-raise for.

The teachers’ 2014 finalist team and the 2014 leavers students met again in this year’s final match of the event, which the 2014 leavers eventually won 3-1.

“The tournament was a great success this year and will be held again in 2016.

“It is now a permanent and enjoyable fixture on the Post 16 Centre calendar,” Mr Clarke said.