SPORT TALK: Fallout from World Cup is worrying

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LEAKED documents on England’s shocking Rugby World Cup campaign all but confirm a worrying trend for top level sport in this country.

The national press are having a field day with the three official and confidential reports, leaked to The Times, which were compiled by the RFU under the guidance of Rob Andrew.

They tell a story of a team that were more interested in cash, caps and free bars than actually winning the tournament. Of older players mocking the younger ones for actually trying in training.

The coaching and RFU input sounds pretty shambolic too.

Rewind to the summer of 2010 and England’s football ‘stars’ were moaning about being ‘bored’ at the World Cup in South Africa.

Our pampered players pick up way too much money, that’s well documented. But all the money in the world shouldn’t stop them wanting to be the best in the world at what they do.

You’d think such accolades would be priceless.

THOSE gloating about Manchester City’s 2-1 Champions League loss in Naples should be careful what they wish for.

If Roberto Mancini’s side exit Europe before Christmas, I’m willing to bet they’ll win the Premier League at a canter.

The same can’t be said for the once mighty Chelsea, though.

Their surprise 2-1 loss against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Sunday was as shocking as THAT 5-3 home beating by Arsenal.

He probably won’t, but Roman Abramovich should give talented boss André Villas-Boas the licence to build a new-look team at the earliest opportunity. The likes of Drogba, Malouda, Mikel, Kalou and Anelka are nothing more than deadwood at the moment.

WHAT a win for Spalding RFC on Saturday. Beating Peterborough 40-20 at the Memorial Field makes them top dogs on the local scene in my book.

Although Town have struggled in stages this season, you forget how far they’ve come in recent years.

Their 400 plus crowd dwarfed the 290 that turned up for the ‘South Holland Clasico’ between Spalding United and Holbeach too.