POWERLIFTING: New personal bests at British Championships

FLEET'S Daniel Taylor improved some of his personal bests at the British Junior Powerlifting Championships in Solihull.

Once again the son of former GB athlete Simon Taylor was lifting in the same age and weight class as Dover's Aaron Cooper - and the pair enjoyed another duel.

Both lifters have now moved up from under-18 to under-20 age class.

Taylor weighed in at 95.5kg, with Cooper around half a stone lighter at 92kg.

In the squat, Taylor easily managed his first and second lifts of 200kg and 225 kg (441lbs and 496lbs respectively).

An all-out final effort on the third attempt saw three white lights for a lift of 235kg (518lbs) and a new personal best.

In the bench press all three attempts were again successful at 120kg, 130 kg, and finally 137.5kg (303lbs) for yet another personal best.

However, while Taylor was only 5kg behind Aaron Cooper at the end of the squat, Cooper is a good bench press exponent and finished this section with an impressive 175kg lift on his third attempt, which extended his lead significantly at this point.

In the final dead-lift section, this also went well with Taylor equalling his personal best at 227.5kg (501.5lbs) on his second lift, but just failing at 232.5kg (512.5lbs) on the third lift.

However, the 600kg total was another personal best for Taylor.

While second in this weight class, he was third overall out of 15 competitors in the Under-20 group.

Having reached a good standard after just a few years of competition, now the really hard work has to begin for the Holbeach Weight Training Club member as the level of competition in the older and higher weight classes becomes far tougher.

The steady improvements seen in the squat and deadlift will also need to be matched by a more focused effort and experience in the use of the bench shirt, in order to improve his bench press to catch Cooper at the next competition towards the end of the year.