WEIGHTLIFTING: Countback required to decide title

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HOLBEACH Weight Training Club staged its annual supersports championships and spectators were treated to an exceptional display of strength and fitness.

Six strongmen tested themselves through five events, each determined to be crowned champion.

The contest started with repetitions at body weight lifted on the bench press. Will Chenery became the early leader when he pressed his own weight 26 times.

Next up was the Fergus Walk where contestants had to carry two 45kg dumbbells for maximum distance. Sam Dalrymple went first and recorded 149.80 metres, a distance no one else could match. Sam Fowler came closest although he will still a little over 20 metres adrift.

A new event this year was power cleans where a loaded bar has to be lifted from floor to shoulder height. Each contestant had 60 seconds to repeat this movement as many times as possible using a bar loaded with three quarters of their own body weight.

After placing midway in the first two disciplines, Dan Taylor showed that he was a major contender for the title by scoring maximum points with 27 reps.

Next up was the tyre flip weight carry event. After watching the opposition flip a massive tractor tyre over a 25 metre course then carry a weight back to the start, Taylor showed how it should be done by beating the time set by his nearest rival by ten seconds.

With points still to be won energy reserves were called upon to contest the one-mile race. Sam Fowler led from the start, building an unassailable lead over nearest rival Taylor.

After the points were added there was a tie for top spot and so a countback of highest position in each event was required before Taylor was awarded the title and trophy.

Second place went to Fowler with Chenery third.

Trophies were presented by club chairman Robin Perry. Special thanks to Tennyson Tyres.