Vinter victorious in May Day Cup

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Men’s Section: May Day Cup: 1st Pete Vinter 43pts; 2nd Bob Townsend 39(acb); 3rd Tom Penning 39.

Rabbit’s Section: Gedney Hill v South Kyme (Away): Chris Bennett & Greg Wash won 2&1; Graham East & Paul Hanson lost 2 down; Neil Sargeant & Pete Orbine won 4&2; Gary Moore & Dean Parker lost 4&2; Mo Parling & Maz Sayer lost 2&1; Phil Davis & Bill Sharpe lost 2 down.

Ladies’ Section: May Cup: 1st Lisa Burrell 36pts; 2nd Maggie Bingham 30; 3rd Chris Bennett 28.

Sutton Bridge Golf Club

1. Lady President’s Day: 1. Margaret Fox 27 pts. 2=.Jenny Wells 26 pts o.c.b from Betty Reeve 26 pts. Nearest the pin Jill McEwan 910 cm.

2. Seniors v Middleton Snrs. (Away). Win for Middleton 4.5 – 1.5. Team: Roger Williamson and Ray Page L 3 and 1; Peter Wailes and Noel Clare L 4 and 3; Richard Titchener and Mervyn Williamson W 2 and 1 ; Roy Fox and Tony Town L 6 and 4; Norman Davis and Roy Amos L 2 and 1; Charlie Waling and John Cross A/S.

3.Sutton Bridge v Ryston Park (away). Win for Ryston Park 3 – 1: Team: Steen Catlow and Steve Hyde L 2 and 1; Geoff Coombs and Ralph Grimes L 6 and 5; Ted Markwell and Bob Newby L 5 and 4; Jon Essam and Mark Charnley W 3 and 2.

4.Sutton Bridge v King’s Lynn (home). Win for Sutton Bridge 3.5 – 0 .5. Team: Steen Catlow and Steve Hyde A/S; Sid Warner and George Baines W 4 and 5; Sam Shippey and John Bliss W 3 and 2; Ralph Grimes and Terry Young W 2 and 1.

5. Sutton Bridge v St Ives (away) win for St Ives 5 – 1. Team: Steen Catlow and Steve Hyde; Barry Irwin and Paul Lawrence; Richard Essam and Ralph Grimes; George Baines and Tony Spriggs; Terry Young and Andy Maxey; Mike Bell and Jon Essam.

Spalding Golf Club Ladies

Thirty six ladies donned their winter golfing gear to play in the Hardy Cup, a competition for teams of two playing in a four ball better ball stableford.

The weather was cold and windy with some rain, but the standards were high.

The winners were Jill Huggins and Debra Ward with 39 points, while Pat West and Di Platt came in second with 38.

Following the competition the trophy was presented to the winners by the lady captain Angela Roper. They were also presented with the Presdient’s Putter by the lady president Pam Smith, which they won over the winter season.

nSome ladies from Spalding entered the Newark Am-Am and one group won the competition.

They were Eileen Bridge, Debra Ward, Bev Harpham and Beryl Skinner and they scored 90 points between them.

This was the highest score ever in the competition. Barbara Newcombe, Jean White, Elizabeth Holbrook and Jenny Pipe came fifth.