SWIMMING: Three wins for Emily at gala

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DEPLETED South Lincs Competitive Swimming Club dug deep to deliver a solid showing at round one of the Junior Lincs League.

In what was their home gala at Spalding, 12 new personal best times were clocked and eight members represented the club for the first time in a competitive event.

Despite a hat-trick of wins from Emily McCann, a sole success from Jamie Reeves and victory in the male age 12 and under 100m medley relay, South Lincs placed fourth out of the five teams competing.

That was largely down to the team not being represented in ten of the event’s races – making it difficuly for Sally Hook to arrange the teams.

Poolside coach Ron Pates said: “This was our home gala, which ran very smoothly.

“Thanks must go to the officials and helpers. With ten events with no swimmers this was always going to be a difficult gala not only to swim but also to select.”

Scunthorpe Anchor won the round with 167 points, just ahead of City of Lincoln in second spot.

South Lincs’ team managers were Mandy Houghton and Sue Gowing.

l Team results: 1st Scunthorpe Anchor 167pts; 2nd Lincoln 164pts; 3rd Gainsborough 132pts; 4th South Lincs 112pts; 5th Grantham 104pts.

l Individual results: Female (F) 25m free (9-9) Lucy Houghton – 4th (21.51secs). Male (M) 25m fee (9-9) Atticus – Strickland 2nd (20.56s). F50m breast (10-10) Emily McCann – 1st (46.24s). F50m back (11&U) Georgia Roberts – 2nd (42.15s). M50m back (11&U) Luke Blanchard – 3rd (43.77s). F50m fly (12&U) Alice Gowing – 3rd (36.93s). M50m fly (12&U) Matthew Gray – 2nd (35.89s). F25m breast (9-9) Lucy Houghton – 3rd (26.41s). M25m breast (9-9) Sebastien Claydon – 2nd (28.13s). F50m back (10-10) Isobel Fovargue – 5th (58.83s). M50m back (10-10) Drew Dixon – 5th (55.89s). F50m fly (11&U) Georgia Roberts – 4th (47.37s). M50m fly (11&U) Luke Blanchard – 3rd (43.68s). F50m free (12&U) Serena Leadbeater – 3rd (33.85s). M50m free (12&U) Matthew Gray – 2nd (31.77s). F25m back (9-9) Isobel Fovargue – 3rd (24.78s). M25 back (9-9) Atticus Strickland – 3rd (27.01s). F25m fly (10-10) Emily McCann – 1st (18.58s). F50m free (11&U) Lucy Baker – 4th (52.34s). M50m free (11&U) Harry Parnell – 3rd (41.92s). F50m breast (12&U) Alice Gowing – 2nd (45.48s). M50m breast (12&U) Jamie Reeves – 1st (44.57s). F25m fly (9-9) Polly McCurrach – 3rd (26.74s). M25m fly (9-9) Sebastien Claydon – 3rd (27.85). F50m free (10-10) Lucy Houghton – 5th (49.34s). M50m free (10-10) Drew Dixon – 5th (49.42s). F50m breast (11&U) Emily McCann – 1st (46.71s). M50m breast (11&U) Harry Parnell – 5th (58.53s). F50m back (12&U) Serena Leadbeater – 2nd (38.44s). M50m back (12&U) Jamie Reeves – DQ. F100m medley relay (9&U) Isobel Fovargue, Lucy Houghton, Polly McCurrach & Amelia Fovargue – 4th (1.45.09mins). F100m free relay (10&U) Emily McCann, Libby Houghton, Amelia Fovargue & Polly McCurrach – 5th (1.27.88m). F100m free relay (12&U) Serena Leadbeater, Jodie Rawlings, Rhiannon Saunders & Alice Gowing – 3rd (1.09.40m). M100m free relay (12&U) Jamie Reeves, Tom Hannam, Tim Moore & Matthew Gray – 2nd (1.06.14m). Mixed 200m free relay (12&U) South Lincs – 4th (2.29.63m); F100m medley relay (12&U) Serena Leadbeater, Jodie Rawlings, Alice Gowing & Rhiannon Saunders – 5th (1.17.05m). M100m medley relay (12&U) Tim Moore, Jamie Reeves, Matthew Gray, Tom Hannam – 1st (1.11.80s). F100m free relay (9&U) Isobel Fovargue, Lucy Houghton, Polly McCurrach, Amelia Fovargue – 2nd (1.28.88m). F100m medley relay (10&U) Amelia Fovargue, Lucy Houghton, Emily McCann, Libby Houghton – 5th (1.32.88m).