SWIMMING: South Lincs shine again

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SOUTH Lincs Competitive Swimming Club made it back-to-back wins at the Tulip Open Meet.

Playing host to the likes of Lincoln Vulcans, City of Peterborough and Sheffield, the Spalding-based club won the Top Club award at 27th annual Tulip meet by a hefty 54 point margin.

It was a fantastic climax to the two-day event, which saw South Lincs clock 208 personal best times.

It was also an opportunity for swimmers to gain precious county times for 2012.

Ten-year-old Ryan Horrocks was in outstanding form, winning every final he competed in to become top boy in his age group.

Serena Leadbeater (ten) also collected the top girl trophy in her age group. She gained first place in the 100m back, second in the 100m freestyle, third in 100m breaststroke and fourth in 100m butterfly.

Not to be outdone, 14-year- old Reggie Reeves took top boy in his category, which included a first place in the 100m butterfly, second in the 100m free and fifth in the 100m back.

Results: Emily McCann (age 9) - 1st 50m breast; 2nd 50m free; 4th 50m back; 6th 50m butterfly. Georgia Roberts (9) - 6th 50m breast. Eleanor Templer (11) - 5th 100m butterfly. Matthew Gray (11) - 2nd 100m breast; 4th 100m free; 4th 100m butterfly; 6th 100m back. Jamie Reeves (11) - 6th 100m breast. Luke Elliott (11) - 3rd 100m butterfly; 6th 100m freestyle. Rebecca Mckenzie (12) - 4th 100m free. Calvin Wilson (12) - 2nd 100m butterfly; 3rd 100m free; 3rd back; 4th 100m breast. Alan Sumpton (12) - 4th 100m butterfly; 5th 100m free; 5th 100m backstroke. Madden Wright (12) - 5th 100m back. Harry Bumfrey (13) - 2nd 100m free; 3rd 100m butterfly; 3rd 100m back; 3rd 100m breast. Chiara Leadbeater (13) - 2nd 100m breast; 5th 100m free; 6th 100m back. George Wensor (14) - 1st 100m free; 2nd 100m butterfly; 4th 100m back; 6th 50m freestyle. Henry Warren (14) - 2nd 100m back; 3rd 100m free; 4th 100m butterfly. Jordan Templer (14) - 1st 100m back; 4th 100m free; 6th 100m butterfly. Philippa West (14) - 2nd 100m breast; 2nd 50m free; 3rd 100m free; 3rd 100m back; 3rd 100m butterfly. Bethany Walker (14) - 3rd 100m breast; 4th 100m free; 4th 100m butterfly; 5th 100m back. Amy Reeves (14) - 4th 100m breast. Emily Blackbourn (14) - 5th 100m free. Shian Roberts (14) - 6th 100m back. Sarah Fountain (15) - 1st 100m breast; 1st 100m free. Donna Wilson (15) - 3rd 100m breast.

• TWO South Lincs girls did the club proud at the Midland Youth Championships held in Coventry.

Both 14-year-old Chloe Hannam and 17-year-old Cheryl Wilson featured in finals during the event.

Hanamm raced in six finals and won silver medals in the 200m IM, 400m IM and got a bronze in the 800m freestyle.

In doing so she clocked another NQT to add to the five she has already got and will be completing at the nationals in July. Hannam also smashed county and club records and continues to excel in her age group.

Wilson raced to a very creditable sixth in the final of the 50m back, came seventh in the 200m back and took ninth in the 100m back.

She got a long course PB in the 200m back with a time of 2.30.73mins, which also converted to a short course PB.