Spalding Tri Club’s good showing

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Spalding Triathlon Club were well represented in one of the last triathlons of the season at Big Cow 2 Sprint (English Club Championship) at Emberton Park near Milton Keynes.

The team consisted of Martin Halifax, Chris Pratt, Steve Thompson, Jack Carpenter, Ryan Hart, Callum McPartlin, Kelvin O’Neill and Kelly Shields. And they helped the club to eighth place in the overall standings in the national competition.

The 750m swim in the lake was busy but staggered well so there was not too much jostling. The water was clear; the course straight forward and there was only a short sprint to transition.

The 20k bike ride was over undulating hills with only one at the end that took a bit of getting up.

The 5k run, two laps, around the lake was dead flat and in bright, warm sunshine.

Results: Martin Halifax (155th) 1hr 22.51mins; Chris Pratt (10th) 1hr 6.07mins; Steve Thompson (59th) 1hr 14.31mins; Kelly Shields (260th) 1hr 36.22mins; Jack Carpenter (29th) 1hr 10.40mins; Ryan Hart (32nd) 1hr 10.57mins; Callum McPartlin (75th) 1hr 16.26mins; Kelvin O’Neill (197th) 1hr 26.49mins.