Spalding set for derby battle

MATCH ACTION: Spalding ladies second team were beaten 7-1 by Cambridge South with AJ Bunyan on target. Photos (TIM WILSON): SG031015-121/114
MATCH ACTION: Spalding ladies second team were beaten 7-1 by Cambridge South with AJ Bunyan on target. Photos (TIM WILSON): SG031015-121/114
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Spalding men’s first team welcome Wisbech to Glen Park this weekend hoping to extend their 100 per cent record so far this season.

They are expecting a tough test in a physical game after winning 6-2 at Harleston Magpies 2nd last Saturday.

Stu Cunnington’s hat-trick was backed up by Rob Dalton, Michael Morris and Dan Needham.

Spalding started brightly and were rewarded with a short corner inside 10 minutes which Cunnington duly dispatched. Then Needham doubled the advantage.

Spalding won another short corner which was again dispatched by Cunnington into the bottom corner to make it 3-0 inside 20 minutes.

Morris, celebrating his 21st season for the 1st XI, made it 4-0 on 25 minutes with a delicate lob over the keeper.

Cunnington finished off his hat-trick with a pinpoint slap from the top of the D.

Dalton wrapped up the win following an impressive interception at the top of the Spalding circle. His first shot was saved but he kept his

cool and finished well.

The ladies first team lost 5-3 to Royston who scored three times before half-time. Ellie Pybus (2) and Kelly Slater replied.

Meanwhile, it was a tale of what could have been for the men’s first team at Long Sutton after a 6-3 defeat to Norwich City.

Sutton were unable to capitalise on their positive start as Norwich quickly moved into a 2-0 lead.

The home team needed a response and they duly got one as a well-worked short corner from Josh Fyson set up a clinical deflection from Dan Batten.

But the visitors went straight back on to the attack, claiming two more goals for a 4-1 lead at half-time.

Danny Sisson pulled one back and he scored again after Norwich added their fifth.

Another short corner was converted to put a gloss on what was a much more even contest than the scoreline suggests.

Sutton ladies first team went down 3-2 at King’s Lynn Pelicans.

They trailed 2-0 at half-time but Lyn Tancred got one back and Leanne Woodhead produced an equaliser, only for the visitors to concede a late winner.


Men’s Premier B: Wisbech Town 1 Saffron Walden 5, Harleston Magpies 2nd 2 Spalding 6, Felixstowe 1 Waltham Forest 4, Cambridge Uni 2nd 0 Letchworth 4, I-ES 1 CoP 2nd 2, Long Sutton 3 Norwich City 6.

Men’s Division One: March Town 5 Bishop’s Stortford 3, Bourne Deeping 4 West Herts 2nd 1, Cambridge City 3rd 3 Wapping 2nd 3, East London 4 Ford 3, Chelmsford 2nd 1 Old Southendian 5, CoP 3rd 6 Pelicans 3.

Men’s Division Three North West: Ely City 5 Cambridge Uni 3rd 0, Horncastle 3 Cambridge City Vets 3, St Neots 2 Bourne Deeping 2nd 0, Cambridge South 7 Wisbech Town 2nd 1, St Ives 2nd 6 Long Sutton 2nd 0, CoP 5th 3 Louth 3.

Men’s Division Four North West: Wisbech Town 3rd 4 Cambridge South 2nd 1, Bourne Deeping 3rd 0 Leadenham 4, Cambridge City 5th 4 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 5, St Ives 3rd 2 Ely City 2nd 3, Spalding 3rd 4 CoP 6th 0, CoP 7th 2 Spalding 2nd 4.

Men’s Division Five North West: March Town 2nd 7 Cambridge South 4th 0, Bourne Deeping 5th 0 St Neots 2nd 5, Cambridge City 6th 3 Bourne Deeping 4th 1, Cambridge South 3rd 5 Wisbech Town 4th 0, St Ives 4th 1 Alford & District 8, Long Sutton 3rd 3 Spalding 4th 0.

Men’s Division Six North West (N): Alford & District 2nd 5 Louth 2nd 0, Bourne Deeping 6th 1 Spalding 5th 1, Grantham 1 Horncastle 2nd 5, Leadenham 2nd 7 Long Sutton 4th 2.

Women’s Division One North: Bedford 2nd 2 Cambridge City 2nd 2, CoP 2 Wisbech Town 5, Spalding 3 Royston 5, Saffron Walden 3 Lindum 0, Blueharts 7 Letchworth 1, Norwich City 1 Norwich Dragons 2nd 0.

Women’s Division Two North West: Lindum 2nd 0 Cambridge Uni 2nd 3, Cambridge Nomads 4 Newmarket 1, Wisbech Town 2nd 0 CoP 2nd 2, Cambridge City 3rd 3 St Neots 1, Pelicans 3 Long Sutton 2, Alford & District 3 St Ives 4.

Women’s Division Three North West: St Ives 2nd 12 Newmarket 2nd 0, Spalding 2nd 1 Cambridge South 7, Ely City 1 Bourne Deeping 3, March Town 3 Haverhill 1, Cambridge Uni 3rd 4 Spalding 3rd 1, Leadenham 2 CoP 3rd 1.

Women’s Division Four North West (South): Haverhill 2nd 2 Huntingdon 2nd 0, St Neots 3rd 3 Cambridge South 3rd 0, Ely City 3rd 0 Cambridge City 4th 6, Newmarket 3rd 1 St Ives 3rd 9, Cambridge South 2nd 2 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 1, Cambridge City 5th 1 Ely City 2nd 9.


Men’s Premier B: I-ES v Long Sutton, CoP 2nd v Cambridge Uni 2nd, Saffron Walden v Norwich City, Spalding v Wisbech Town, Waltham Forest v Harleston Magpies 2nd, Letchworth v Felixstowe.

Men’s Division One: Chelmsford 2nd v CoP 3rd, Old Southendian v East London, Bishop’s Stortford v Pelicans, West Herts 2nd v March Town, Wapping 2nd v Bourne Deeping, Ford v Cambridge City 3rd.

Men’s Division Three North West: St Ives 2nd v CoP 5th, Long Sutton 2nd v Cambridge South, Cambridge Uni 3rd v Louth, Cambridge City Vets v Ely City, Bourne Deeping 2nd v Horncastle, Wisbech Town 2nd v St Neots.

Men’s Division Four North West: Spalding 3rd v CoP 7th, CoP 6th v St Ives 3rd, Cambridge South 2nd v Spalding 2nd, Leadenham v Wisbech Town 3rd, Cambridge Nomads 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd, Ely City 2nd v Cambridge City 5th.

Men’s Division Five North West: St Ives 4th v Long Sutton 3rd, Alford & District v Cambridge South 3rd, Cambridge South 4th v Spalding 4th, St Neots 2nd v March Town 2nd, Bourne Deeping 4th v Bourne Deeping 5th, Wisbech Town 4th v Cambridge City 6th.

Men’s Division Six North West (N): Grantham v Long Sutton 4th, Horncastle 2nd v Bourne Deeping 6th, Louth 2nd v Leadenham 2nd, Spalding 5th v Alford & District 2nd.

Women’s Division One North: Blueharts v Norwich City, Letchworth v Saffron Walden, Cambridge City 2nd v Norwich Dragons 2nd, Wisbech Town v Bedford 2nd, Royston v CoP, Lindum v Spalding.

Women’s Division Two North West: Pelicans v Alford & District, Long Sutton v Cambridge City 3rd, Cambridge Uni 2nd v St Ives, Newmarket v Lindum 2nd, CoP 2nd v Cambridge Nomads, St Neots v Wisbech Town 2nd.

Women’s Division Three North West: Bourne Deeping v March Town, Cambridge South v St Ives 2nd, Newmarket 2nd v Ely City, CoP 3rd v Huntingdon, Spalding 3rd v Leadenham, Haverhill v Cambridge Uni 3rd.

Women’s Division Four North West (South): Cambridge City 4th v Newmarket 3rd, Cambridge South 3rd v Haverhill 2nd, Huntingdon 2nd v Ely City 3rd, Ely City 2nd v Bury St Edmunds 3rd, Cambridge Nomads 2nd v Cambridge City 5th, St Ives 3rd v Cambridge South 2nd.