SNOOKER: Trio strike decisive blows as title races hot up

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IT was a week of season-defining fixtures in Spalding and District Snooker League – with three top of the table clashes going against the leaders.

In Division Two, Long Sutton D leapfrogged title rivals Holbeach D at the summit with a rousing 5-1 triumph.

An outstanding 18 clearance from Tom Turner (O7) to win a black ball game in the final frame sealed the win needed to see the home team take pole position.

Ian Woodberry (R14) was the sole victor for the visitors as he capitalised on a healthy 21 point start given by Ben Lewis (O7).

It was a similar story in Division Three, with Consti H putting themselves in the box seat for the title.

They knocked off leaders Services A 4-2 to move within a point of the top – with a game in hand.

Seb Grimston (O28) led the charge with a sensational 64 break, backed up by a 24 from team-mate Doug Garfoot (O14).

The theme continued in the fourth tier, as Consti J shot to the top of the pile with a whitewash success over previous incumbents Donington B.

Trev Braybrook (scr) pocketed a dazzling 44 break for the new leaders, while Stuart Davies (O14) trousered a 24 in the final frame to complete the 6-0 win – sending is side five points clear.

However, in the top flight Pyramid F surged nine points clear with a convincing 5-1 return from their trip to Donington A.

Both Jason Green (O56) and Dave Pearson (O14) made 22 breaks for the Bourne side.

Best break in Division One went to BSC A’s Mark Woodberry (O28), who made a cool 37 in a 4-2 home victory over Pyramid D.

•Results: Division One: Crowland C 4 Services C 2; Donington A 1 Pyramid F 5; Holbeach A 2 Tulips A 4; Pyramid A 2 BSC B 4; Services C 2 Sutton A 4; Sutton B 2 Donington C 4; BSC A 4 Pyramid D 2.

•Division Two: Whittlesey A 4 Services B 2; Consti B 4 Whittlesey B 2; Consti I 1 Boundary B 5; Pyramid C 4 Gosberton A 2; Sutton D 5 Holbeach D 1; Whittlesey B 1 Gosberton B 5; Gosberton B 2 Boundary A 4.

•Division Three: Bourne A 1 Crowland B 5; Bourne C 1 Holbeach B 5; Consti H 1 Tulips B 5; Consti G 2 Services A 4; Boundary C 2 Whittlesey C 4; Services A 2 Consti H 4; Crowland A 5 Consti G 1; Tulips B 2 Consti E 4.

•Division Four: Bourne SC B 2 Consti J 4; Whittlesey D 5 Gosberton C 1; Gosberton C 1 Donington D 5; Whittlsey D 4 Long Sutton C 2; Consti D 2 Pyramid B 4; Donington D 1 Consti A 5; Pyramid E 2 Services D 4; Consti J 6 Donington B 0; Consti C 5 Gosberton 1.

•KO Cup: Semi-final: Consti G 1 Pyramid F 3.