SNOOKER: Trio make flawless start on opening night

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THREE teams enjoyed perfect starts as Spalding and District Snooker League returned with a bang last Thursday night.

Division One side Pyramid A and third tier duo Consti G and Crowland B were the sides on red-hot form, while Ian Graham’s (O84) 51 break was the best on offer.

Starting in the top flight, Bourne boys Pyramid A put in a confident display against Tulips A to top the embryonic standings.

Nick Savic (O35) did reply with a 22 break for the Spalding side, but Brian Kendall (O14), Pete Harris (scr), Matt Allen (O42), John Twell (O14) and Eric Wyer (O7) were all on winning form.

Long Sutton B were also big winners on day one after defeating friendly foes Sutton A 5-1, while Crowland C won at Holbeach A by the same score.

Crowland’s star man Rob Childs led the charge with a cool 42 break, while Bobby White’s (O14) 23 was the best Holbeach score.

Another notable showing in Division One was that of Long Sutton B, who defeated Donington 4-2 on their own baize. Sutton are bidding for a third title on the spin, having won back-to-back promotions.

Mick Cooper (O35) and Gareth Lamb (R7) won crucial black ball frames for the newboys.

In Division Two, all five games finished 4-2 – with relegated duo Services C and Crowland D both suffering losses against Consti I and Boundary A respectively.

But the best play came in Boundary B’s 4-2 success over Gosberton B.

Gosberton’s Martin Ulyatt (R14) trousered a 30 break, while team-mate Adam Twigg (O7) and Boundary’s Steve Oakes (O7) finished their frames with clearances of 22 and 25 respectively.

Division Three was all about Consti G and Crowland B’s maximum wins.

Consti breezed past Gosberton A with Andrew Grimwood (O14) reeling off a 31 break, while Crowland B cruised past Services F.

Other noteworthy breaks saw Jason Bloomfield (O7) make a 25 in Crowland A’s 4-2 triumph over Consti J, while Ollie Player (O28) pocketed scores of 26 and 22 as Bourne Snooker Centre A defeated Whittlesey A 4-2.

Meanwhile, Bourne SC B were boosted by Graham’s big break as they made a cracking start in Division Four.

The heavily handicapped ace also notched a 23 as Donington B were beaten 4-2.

Another side prevailing 5-1 in the basement tier were Services A. Boosted by a 27 break from Shane Davies (O21), they knocked off hosts Consti A.

Long Sutton C began their quest for a long-awaited promotion by squeezing past Consti C 4-2, with an on-song Dan Mayfield (O14) clinching the contest in the penultimate frame. Donington D and Pyramid E won by the same score.

Results: Division One: Pyramid A 6 Tulips A 0; Holbeach A 1 Crowland C 5; Long Sutton A 1 Long Sutton B 5; Services E 4 Donington C 2; Tulips B 2 Pyramid F 4; Donington A 2 Long Sutton B 4.

Division Two: Pyramid D 4 Pyramid C 2; Boundary A 4 Crowland D 2; Gosberton 2 Boundary B 4; Services C 2 Consti I 4; Holbeach C 4 Consti F 2.

Division Three: Whittlesey C 1 Boundary C 5; Services B 2 Holbeach B 4; Consti G 6 Gosberton A 0; Crowland A 4 Consti J 2; Crowland B 6 Services F 0; Bourne SC A 4 Whittlesey A 2.

Division Four: Pyramid E 4 Pyramid B 2; Consti A 1 Services A 5; Long Sutton C 4 Consti C 2; Gosberton C 2 Donington D 4; Donington B 1 Bourne SC B 5.