SAILING: Tom’s title in points series

The start of the morning race
The start of the morning race
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Sunday’s action at Welland Yacht Club started with race one of the new personal handicap series.

With seven boats taking part, again there was some good participation from the junior section.

The race got under way without incident with the quicker boats pulling ahead, each having to sail their best and hope their lead was enough once the handicaps have been applied.

Junior Harry Whitelam built on his progress this season with second place.

Result: 1 Paul Burton, 2 Whitelam, 3 Tom Bell, 4 Neal Tack.

The final two races of the afternoon points series were also contested.

Tom Bell

Tom Bell

Four of the competitors were able to take overall victory with Ros Nickols holding the lead by one point from Bell.

The first race saw four boats holding off the line waiting to break away at the sound of the start and all of them got away cleanly.

Nickols managed to pull ahead early with Burton in second and Bell third.

As they headed up river to the top mark, the faster boats of Burton and Bell pulled ahead, but were they able to keep the lead once the handicaps were applied?

Meanwhile, Tack – sailing his graduate single-handed – managed to capsize during a tack.

Result: 1 Bell, 2 Nickols, 3 Burton, 4 Paul Wilson.

This result left Nickols and Bell on equal points and the only ones who could now take the series victory.

The final race got under way with Burton taking the early lead from Bell with Nickols closely behind and the order remained throughout the race.

With this also being the order of fastest to slowest boat, it left the handicaps to finalise the results.

Result: 1 Bell, 2 Burton, 3 Nickols, 4 Tack.

This gave overall victory to Bell from Nickols with Burton third and Wilson fourth.

This Sunday sees the A1 Trophy open meet.

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