SAILING: Prior and Agar breeze to super Salva success

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ANDY Prior and Sean Agar excelled amid tough conditions to take top spot at Welland Yacht Club’s Peterborough Building Society Salva.

Very light winds greeted the eight boats that assembled on the start line competing for the BPS Salver, with constant wind changes making picking the best starting position very hard.

As the gun went it was Simon Hastings in a Graduate who judged it right and led down the first straight with the Laser of Tom Bell and the Solo of Brian Cobb close behind.

Prior and Agar in the National 12 were trailing at this point, due to a start line infringement which resulted in two penalty turns being taken.

But continued wind shifts and good light weather sailing soon saw them overtaking the other boats in the fleet and allowed them to finish in first place, slightly ahead of Bell.

Despite Hastings’ good start, he fell victim to a lack of wind and was caught by the fleet to come in fourth behind Cobb.

Within seconds of Hastings came Neal Tack (Graduate), Andy Agar (OK) and Paul Wilson (Solo) – although Joseph Twigg in the much slower Topper was close enough to take sixth place on corrected time.

There was no improvement in the second race, but Prior and Agar made no mistakes at the start line and very quickly pulled out a comfortable lead.

They continued to build on their advantage all race – and finally reached the finishing line nine minutes clear of the pack.

The other boats spent most of the race locked together with Bell, Hastings, Agar and Wilson all finishing within a minute of each other.

After handicap was applied, Prior took first from Hastings, with Wilson taking a well-earned third ahead of Andy Agar, Bell, Tack and Cobb.

Twigg struggled to find enough breeze to power the small Topper sail.

Things were even worse for the final race, but Prior’s National 12 – equipped with a ‘lightweight crew’ – excelled and led from start to finish but with the other boats managing to stay much closer this time.

Agar came in second but lost this place on handicap with Cobb taking second place from Tack, Andy Agar and Bell.

Overall result: 1st Andy Prior & Sean Agar (N12); 2nd Brian Cobb (Solo); 3rd Tom Bell (Laser); 4th Neal Tack (Graduate); 5th Andy Agar (OK); 6th Simon Hastings (Graduate); 7th Paul Wilson (Solo); 8th Joseph Twigg (Topper).