SAILING: Holland leads way in first cadet race

From left, Ros Nickols (1st), Andy Prior (2nd), Paul Wilson (4th) and Tom Bell (3rd)
From left, Ros Nickols (1st), Andy Prior (2nd), Paul Wilson (4th) and Tom Bell (3rd)
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Following the morning’s junior session at Welland Yacht Club, the first race of the day was cadet 1 open to anyone under the age of 25.

With a strong south-westerly, keeping the boats upright was going to be key.

Neo Thorpe and Tom Bell

Neo Thorpe and Tom Bell

Three boats took part – all being helmed by members of the junior section with Niall Holland, Harry Whitelam and eight-year-old Neo Thorpe with uncle Tom Bell as crew.

With a few near capsizes leading up to the start, the race got under way with Holland taking the lead from Whitelam but ever mindful that being in a faster boat he would have to ensure a big enough lead for when the handicaps were applied.

Holland managed the gap back to Whitelam and took the win with Thorpe and Bell third.

This was the first of two cadet races leading up to the cadet regatta on September 25 which will feature three races and personal handicaps so all levels of ability can compete on equal terms.

Sunday's afternoon points series

Sunday's afternoon points series

The rest of the day saw the first two races of the afternoon points series, as well as the wind die away.

With eight boats taking part, it was a busy but slow start line.

Bell managed perfect positioning for the start, followed by Phil Robinson, with the rest of the fleet gradually dispersing behind.

Other than some minor exchanges of positions in the mid fleet, this is how the race would end.

Harry Whitelam (left) and Niall Holland

Harry Whitelam (left) and Niall Holland

Bell finished in front of Robinson, with Paul Wilson third and Andy Prior fourth.

Race two did show early promise of the breeze picking up and a course change to benefit from what wind there was.

This time it was Prior who got best position for the start, followed by Bell.

The wind soon died away again but, making the most of what breeze there was, Ros Nickols picked her way through the fleet and managed to take the win once handicaps had been applied.

Prior was second, with Bell third and Wilson fourth.

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