PIGEON RACING: Victory for Lensen

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Sutton Bidge Homing Society

Eleven club members sent a total of 175 birds for an old bird race from Newton Aycliffe. 
They were liberated at 12.05pm into a North West wind. 
The winner was John Lensen, who sent a Soontjen yearling blue cock, flown on the widowhood system, for a distance of 143miles 95 yds, resulting in a velocity of 1711.591 yards per minute. 
Second place was Terry Winterton, who flew a two-year old Soontjen/Janssen check cock, also flying on the widowhood system, for a distance of 141 miles 350 yds, giving him a velocity of 1695.542.
Third place went to Mr and Mrs J Bishop, who flew a three-year old Van Loon check cock, also on the widowhood system, for 145miles 13yds, giving a velocity of 1677.780 ypm.