Multi-eventers sprint to the line at Spalding triathlon

Liam Dighton (second left) with his familyLynden, wife Laura, son Teddy and Buddy the dog.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Liam Dighton (second left) with his familyLynden, wife Laura, son Teddy and Buddy the dog. Photo by Tim Wilson.
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Both elite and first-time triathletes from across eastern England headed for the Castle Sports Complex for the fourth annual Spalding Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.

About 90 competitors aged between 15 and 65 took no more than two hours to complete a 400m swim at the Castle Sports Complex, followed by a 18.76km bike ride from Moulton to Spalding and a 4.6km run round the town.

Youngster William Chico who won the men's under-20 category.

Youngster William Chico who won the men's under-20 category.

Paul Kerr of Belvoir Triathlon Club, Grantham, posted the quickest time of 57m 25s, with Ed Holliday flying the flag for hosts Spalding Triathlon Club with a time of 1h 1m 31s.

Simon Wright of Spalding, who joined his wife Katie and sister Kim Wood to compete as a team that finished in 1h 15m 53s, said: “It’s the first time we’ve ever done it so we didn’t know how to approach it really.

“But we just really wanted to do it as a bit of fun, to just come together as a family and enjoy it.

“The bike leg was quite windy and quite exposed in some places, but we did get some nice stretches of backwind so it was swings and roundabouts.

“Lots of families and friends were supporting us, as well as members from Spalding Cycling Club who know the training that’s gone into it.

“But people generally were supportive of everybody, just for having a go.

“Spalding Triathlon Club does a really professional job, the set-up and everything is so well done, so the event can only get bigger and bigger.”

The youngest competitor was William Chico (15) who emulated his dad Dan by taking on the triathlon challenge, posting times of 1h 23m 27s and 1h 21m 05s respectively.

William said: “I’m a little impulsive and I’ve got into running, so I thought I’d do a triathlon for the first time.

“We did some biathlon events previously together, so the triathlon went alright even though the bike ride let me down.

“But I made up quite well on the run and the transitions went smoothly in the end after, at one stage, I couldn’t find my bike.

“I would recommend it to anyone because it’s so good to do and you get such a buzz afterwards.”

Dan added: “It was his first triathlon which made a very special day even more so.

“William came first in the men’s under-20s category, no mean feat considering he had run the Edinburgh marathon the week before and cycled coast to coast the weekend before that.”

It was also a first triathlon for Liam Dighton of Spalding after persuasion from his wife Laura and brother Lynden.

Liam said: “It was about fitness, enjoyment, a bit of a hobby and good competition.

“The swim went the best and the run was the hardest, but there was a good atmosphere, the marshals were great and it’s given me the buzz to do another one next year.”


1 Paul Kerr (Belvoir Tri Club) 57:25, 2 Matthew Young 57:52, 3 Steven Paine 59:35, 4 Matthew Mann (Hinckley Cycle Racing Club) 59:36, 5 Ben Leach (Army Triathlon Association) 1:00:21, 6 Melvyn Heywood (TFN Tri Club) 1:00:57, 7 Justin Hattee (Ketton Tri Club) 1:01:01, 8 Mike Higgins (Welland Valley Tri Club) 1:01:05, 9 Ed Holliday (Spalding Tri Club) 1:01:31, 10 Sam Frammington 1:01:39, 11 Tim Henson (Whittlesey Tri Club) 1:02:20, 12 Kayleigh Adams (Spalding Tri Club and Team GB Triathlon) 1:02:53, 13 Richard Sharpe (Skegness Tri Club) 1:03:03, 14 Matthew Wain (Skegness Tri Club) 1:04:15, 15 Michael Irving (Cambridge Tri Club) 1:05:45, 16 Clare Cunningham (West Norfolk AC) 1:05:55, 17 Martin Koenigsberger 1:06:05, 18 Steve Tyler (Ashwell CC) 1:06:09, 19 Graham Duguid 1:06:10, 20 Stephen Thornley 1:06:27, 21 Andrew Cole (Bushfield Joggers) 1:06:43, 22 Richard Wiggington (Lincoln Tri Club) 1:06:49, 23 Steven White 1:07:06, 24 Dave Gates 1:07:38, 25 Francesca Hall 1:07:40, 26 Louise Kelly (Balanced Performance) 1:09:00, 27 Matt Eyre 1:09:15, 28 Claire Duguid 1:10:12, 29 Adam Worthington (Skegness Tri Club) 1:11:00, 30 Andy Sweeney 1:11:56, 31 Lee Thomas 1:11:57, 32 Richard Vincent (Skegness Tri Club) 1:12:11, 33 David Johnson (Skegness Tri Club) 1:12:26, 34 Dave Harris 1:12:32, 35 Garry Robson 1: 12:46, 36 Georgina Wood 1:13:14, 37 Sarah West 1:13:24, 38 David McNamee 1:13:56, 39 Ian Sackree 1:14:04, 40 Deryck Gilham (Fenland Clarion) 1:14:26, 41 Claire Draper (Skegness Tri Club) 1:14:39, 42 Rob Johnston (King’s Lynn Tri Club) 1:15:36, 43 Julian Herriott 1:15:24, 44 Samuel Harris 1:15:32, 45 Avril Hunter 1:15:37, 46 Robert Spashett (Belvoir Tri Club) 1:15:49, 47 Liam Dighton 1:15:32, 48 Kim Wood 1:15:53, 49 Rob Curtis 1:15:57, 50 Ben Naylor (Spalding Tri Club) 1:16:16.

Youngest finisher William Chico (15) 1:23:27.