MOTORSPORT: Simon finds his best form to help world final chances

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SIMON Chapman did his chances of qualifying for this year’s 2L banger world final no harm at all at the weekend.

The Gosberton flier was on fine form as he took his first 2L banger win for several years at King’s Lynn’s Norfolk Arena on Saturday night.

Chapman has come close to taking a national banger win at Lynn several times before, but always seems to be hampered by either mechanical problems or sheer bad luck when he gets into a race winning position.

That wasn’t the case this time, as everything ran well for him in the second heat and he took the win – keeping Superstar driver Ian Redden (Kettering) at bay over the last few laps.

There was also success in the F2 stock cars when Carl Issitt (Spalding) immediately bounced back from the blue grade by winning the final at his first meeting since his demotion, which will signal an immediate return to red.

Issitt’s final followed a runner-up finish in the consolation and was backed up with a terrific fourth place in the Grand National from the lap handicap, which is the handicap given to the final winner.

Barry Clow also did well to come home in sixth place in the final after scraping into the race with a tenth place finish in his heat.

There was also action at the Norfolk Arena on Monday, with the Reliant Robins and lady banger British final in action.

Tom Baxter (Spalding) made his debut in the formula and was the first driver to roll over in the first heat.

This was the start of a lively performance by Baxter, who looked to be having great fun out on track.

Martin Evans (Spalding) was also heavily involved in the action in the Reliant Robins, while Suzie Lambe (Gedney Hill) was in great form in the lady bangers. She got one of her best-ever results in one of the qualifying heats for the British with a third place finish – and backed that up with a fine sixth in the championship race.

Stock car and banger racing returns to the Norfolk Arena on Saturday, May 19 (6pm) where another big night of action is on the cards.

There’s a full night of rear wheel drive contact action on the shale, with racing coming from the unlimited bangers, rear wheel drive 2L bangers and 2L stock cars.