MOTORCYCLING: Champion Gavin’s call for sponsorship

Gavin Mills
Gavin Mills
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Gavin Mills is looking for extra support after winning the East Midlands Racing Association Championship for the gp125 class.

The owner of Mills Motorcycles in Sutton Bridge also won the title in 2014.

He said: “Myself and my girlfriend Stacey have put a lot of time and effort into this with no real help, even though we have tried so hard to appeal for sponsors.

“Without throwing money at big teams to ride for them then I guess my achievement will never be noticed.

“I can only go so far off my own back to be at the level that I want to be.

“We have not been off the podium this year. Everything mechanical is done by myself with a lot of hours put in.

“We will try again to seek for sponsorship for 2017. We will also be doing the same next year in the gp125 class for the acu national.”

If you can help, call 07557 748692 or email