MARTIAL ARTS: Awesome foursome earn their Black Belts

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Four new Black Belts swell the ranks of Shotokan Tokon Karate Club in Long Sutton.

Members of the South Holland club attended a national training course at the Mere’s Leisure Centre, Grantham, on February 10.

The course was attended by over 200 students from all over the country, who were taught by four of the top instructors of Japan Karate Association England.

That was all done under the watchful eye of Sensei Ohta, 7th dan, Chief Instructor.

The first two hours were intense kumite training, including paired work and semi-free sparring.

The last session focussed on kata (form), where the senior grades studied Chinte, Jitte, and Unsu.

This was followed by shodan and nidan grading under the auspices of Sensei Ohta.

Congratulations go to successful Sutton students Ellie Ball (age 15), James Almey, Katie Broughton (age 10) and Nigel Hefford, who all who gained their black belts.