INDOOR BOWLS: Spalding net comfortable Perkins win

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SPALDING Indoor Bowls Club enjoyed a comfortable victory in a friendly clash with Perkins retired employees on Saturday.

Throughout the game the result was never in doubt, as Spalding went into the lead as soon as the first end.

They ended up winning five of the six rinks by an emphatic final score of 156 shots to 96.

Spalding’s best winning rink was skipped by Lily Drawbridge and included Abs Belding, Roger Rout and Rod Briars.

Captain of the day was James Newby.

• Spalding’s friendly bowlers travelled to Sleaford on Sunday for the first game of the winter season.

Sleaford took an early lead on their own rink with Spalding trailing by six shots at the fifth end.

However, at the tenth end the roles were reversed with Spalding edging into a seven shot lead.

Sleaford continued with the pressure though and ended the game victorious at Spalding by 109-98 shots.

Spalding had a winning rink in the team of Audrey Maxwell, Edna Perkins, Rod Briars and skip Lily Drawbridge, with the captain of the day being Roger Perkins.