Holbeach driver looking to 2017 season

Ryan Sayer
Ryan Sayer
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Ryan Sayer is looking for sponsorship to help fulfil his potential.

The 20-year-old, of Holbeach, has been offered a drive in the Volkswagen Racing Cup next year.

Sayer said: “I have gained a lot in the last two to three months.

“I was competing in a scholarship which was run by Team HARD of the British Touring Car Championship.

“I made the semi-final of which 30 out of 120 scholars got through.

“Tony Gilham (BTCC driver and team principal) told me that he wished to work with me further and widen my motorsports career as he saw true potential in my driving.



“I now look to work with Tony and his BTCC team in 2016 as a technician for the team to fund raise for my 2017 season of which I aim to be in the Volkswagen Racing Cup.

“My racing started when I was 13, running on a tight budget funded by my family but it’s all I ever dreamed of.

“As the years progressed I started to learn how to race, what lines to take, braking points and further aspects in motorsports.

“In 2011 we decided to run a Nissan Micra 1L and this saw a lot of potential. I walked away winning the Spalding junior championship, which was a dream come true at the age of 15.

“As the years went by we tried different things on the car to be as competitive as we could on the tight budget.

“Last year in senior class I raced a Citroen Saxo VTR in Stockhatch class which is a standard Citroen with slight modifications to keep costs down and racing close.

“I had decided to move to Trent Autograss Club for my first season in this class with a new car and a new track.

“When the season came to a end I had won the Trent Stockhatch Championship and the Trent Memorial Championship (highest points scorer out of the club).

“I now seek sponsorship to grow my success. This is a lot more than a sticker when you work with one of the biggest race companies in the country.

“The awareness and publicity achieved through sponsorship is very strong and is a very good route for custom. From only £500, it’s money well spent when you compare it to advertisement in other areas.”

Anyone interested in helping out should email sponsorship@ryansayerracing.com