HOCKEY: Second-half goals keep Spalding top

Spalding ladies
Spalding ladies
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League leaders Spalding ladies first team fought back to beat Royston at Glen Park.

Looking to shake off defeat to Newmarket, life looked tough for Spalding in the early minutes as the away team scored from a short corner.

Spalding’s attacking endeavours proved to be fruitless and lacking a killer instinct before half-time.

However, the second half saw free-flowing end-to-end play with both teams looking to gain the upper-hand.

Pressure was building and some great work by Jacqui Pappalardo saw the ball fall to Georgina Maplethorpe who pounced to slot home the equaliser.

The game opened up and Spalding broke into the lead with Maplethorpe again making good ground down the right. After a goalmouth scramble, Evie Maltby put the ball over the line.

Royston’s pressure told with last-gasp defending and sturdy goalkeeping to protect the lead.

Meanwhile, Spalding men’s first team lost 3-1 at Ipswich and East Suffolk.

The home team took full advantage of defensive errors to go in 2-0 up at half-time after Spalding had failed to convert a number of short corners.

The second half was much better for Spalding who had plenty of possession.

However, Ipswich caught Spalding on a counter-attack to make it 3-0 before Stuart Cunnington’s consolation goal from a short corner.



Premier B: Blueharts 2 Old Southendian 2, Felixstowe 6 Wisbech Town 2, Cambridge Uni 2nd 0 Havering 1, Norwich City 0 CoP 2nd 3, I-ES 3 Spalding 1, West Herts 2nd 3 Waltham Forest 4.

Division One: Bourne Deeping 4 Wapping 2nd 2, Cambridge City 3rd 3 Blueharts 2nd 5, Bishop’s Stortford 6 Harleston Magpies 2nd 3, East London 3 Long Sutton 4, Shefford & Sandy 5 Norwich City 2nd 1, CoP 3rd 2 Upminster 4.

Division 3NW: St Ives 4 Leadenham 0, Cambridge City Vets 3 Bourne Deeping 2nd 2, St Neots 4 Wisbech Town 2nd 1, Spalding 2nd 2 CoP 4th 3, Horncastle 9 Spalding 3rd 2, Long Sutton 2nd 2 Ely City 3.

Division 4NW: Bourne Deeping 3rd 1 Cambridge City 5th 4, Cambridge South 2nd 2 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 4, Alford & District 3 St Ives 2nd 6, Kettering 4 CoP 6th 2, Wisbech Town 3rd 3 Wellingborough 6, CoP 5th 4 St Neots 2nd 1.

Division 5NW: CoP 7th 0 Cambridge South 3rd 2, Cambridge City 6th 5 CoP 8th 0, St Neots 3rd 5 Horncastle 2nd 0, Bourne Deeping 4th 4 Ely City 2nd 1, St Ives 3rd 1 Kettering 2nd 5, Louth 3 March Town 2nd 2.

Division 6NW: Bourne Deeping 5th 1 Spalding 5th 0, Long Sutton 3rd 4 Long Sutton 4th 1, Spalding 4th 13 Bourne Deeping 6th 2, Louth 2nd 0 Leadenham 2nd 5, Wisbech Town 4th 3 Alford & District 2nd 2.


Division 2NW: Wisbech Town 2nd 1 Cambridge City 3rd 2, Alford & District 4 Bourne Deeping 1, Cambridge Uni 3rd 1 Newmarket 4, Spalding 2 Royston 1, Long Sutton 5 Cambridge Nomads 1, CoP 2nd 2 St Neots 1.

Division 3NW: St Ives 2nd 1 Cambridge South 1, Cambridge City 4th 15 Wisbech Town 3rd 0, Ely City 6 Horncastle 0, Haverhill 2 CoP 3rd 0, Newmarket 2nd 0 Spalding 2nd 5, Huntingdon 1 Pelicans 1.

Division 4NW(N): Bourne Deeping 2nd 8 Alford & District 2nd 0, Leadenham 8 Bourne Deeping 3rd 0, Woodhall Spa 2 Long Sutton 2nd 7, Spalding 3rd 5 Louth 2nd 0, Skegness 6 March Town 3, CoP 4th 4 Spilsby 3.



Premier B: Norwich City v I-ES, CoP 2nd v Cambridge Uni 2nd, Havering v Felixstowe, Waltham Forest v Spalding, Old Southendian v West Herts 2nd, Wisbech Town v Blueharts.

Division One: East London v Shefford & Sandy, Long Sutton v Bishop’s Stortford, Harleston Magpies 2nd v Cambridge City 3rd, Upminster v Norwich City 2nd, Wapping 2nd v CoP 3rd, Blueharts 2nd v Bourne Deeping.

Division 3NW: Spalding 2nd v Horncastle, CoP 4th v St Neots, Wisbech Town 2nd v Cambridge City Vets, Ely City v Spalding 3rd, Leadenham v Long Sutton 2nd, Bourne Deeping 2nd v St Ives.

Division 4NW: Kettering v Wisbech Town 3rd, CoP 6th v Alford & District, St Ives 2nd v Cambridge South 2nd, St Neots 2nd v Wellingborough, Cambridge City 5th v CoP 5th, Cambridge Nomads 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd.

Division 5NW: Bourne Deeping 4th v St Ives 3rd, Ely City 2nd v St Neots 3rd, Horncastle 2nd v Cambridge City 6th, March Town 2nd v Kettering 2nd, Cambridge South 3rd v Louth, CoP 8th v CoP 7th.

Division 6NW: Louth 2nd v Wisbech Town 4th, Leadenham 2nd v Spalding 4th, Spalding 5th v Alford & District 2nd, Long Sutton 4th v Bourne Deeping 5th, Bourne Deeping 6th v Long Sutton 3rd.


Division 2NW: Spalding v Long Sutton, Royston v Cambridge Uni 3rd, Newmarket v Alford & District, St Neots v Cambridge Nomads, Cambridge City 3rd v CoP 2nd, Bourne Deeping v Wisbech Town 2nd.

Division 3NW: Haverhill v Newmarket 2nd, CoP 3rd v Ely City, Horncastle v Cambridge City 4th, Pelicans v Spalding 2nd, Cambridge South v Huntingdon, Wisbech Town 3rd v St Ives 2nd.

Division 4NW(N): Spalding 3rd v Skegness, Louth 2nd v Woodhall Spa, Long Sutton 2nd v Leadenham, Spilsby v March Town, Alford & District 2nd v CoP 4th, Bourne Deeping 3rd v Bourne Deeping 2nd.