HOCKEY: Results and fixtures

Action from Long Sutton against East London. Photos by Tim Wilson
Action from Long Sutton against East London. Photos by Tim Wilson
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East London score against Long Sutton

East London score against Long Sutton

Men’s Premier B: Old Southendian 2 Blueharts 2, Wisbech Town 4 Felixstowe 3, Havering 3 Cambridge Uni 2nd 5, CoP 2nd 4 Norwich City 1, Spalding 3 I-ES 4, Waltham Forest 1 West Herts 2nd 3.

Men’s Division One: Blueharts 2nd 1 Cambridge City 3rd 2, Harleston Magpies 2nd 0 Bishop’s Stortford 2, Long Sutton 1 East London 4, Norwich City 2nd 3 Shefford & Sandy 3, Upminster 3 CoP 3rd 1, Wapping 2nd 5 Bourne Deeping 0.

Men’s Division Three NW: Leadenham 0 St Ives 4, Bourne Deeping 2nd 2 Cambridge City Vets 1, Wisbech Town 2nd 1 St Neots 3, CoP 4th 2 Spalding 2nd 1, Spalding 3rd 2 Horncastle 7, Ely City 5 Long Sutton 2nd 4.

Men’s Division Four NW: Cambridge City 5th 1 Bourne Deeping 3rd 0, Cambridge Nomads 2nd 4 Cambridge South 2nd 4, St Ives 2nd 7 Alford & District 2, CoP 6th 1 Kettering 5, Wellingborough 3 Wisbech Town 3rd 0, St Neots 2nd 0 CoP 5th 2.

Men’s Division Five NW: Cambridge South 3rd 2 CoP 7th 0, CoP 8th 0 Cambridge City 6th 10, Horncastle 2nd 2 St Neots 3rd 5, Ely City 2nd 0 Bourne Deeping 4th 4, Kettering 2nd 1 St Ives 3rd 2.

Men’s Division Six NW (N): Bourne Deeping 6th 1 Bourne Deeping 5th 5, Leadenham 2nd 1 Long Sutton 3rd 1, Louth 2nd 2 Spalding 4th 7, Spalding 5th 4 Wisbech Town 4th 0, Long Sutton 4th 5 Alford & District 2nd 0.

Women’s Division Two NW: Cambridge City 3rd 13 Wisbech Town 2nd 0, Bourne Deeping 6 Alford & District 1, Newmarket 2 Cambridge Uni 3rd 0, Royston 3 Spalding 3, Cambridge Nomads 0 Long Sutton 3, St Neots 1 CoP 2nd 1.

Women’s Division Three NW: Cambridge South 1 St Ives 2nd 0, Wisbech Town 3rd 0 Cambridge City 4th 9, Horncastle 0 Ely City 5, CoP 3rd 3 Haverhill 0, Spalding 2nd 5 Newmarket 2nd 1, Pelicans 5 Huntingdon 2.

Women’s Division Four NW (N): Alford & District 2nd 0 Bourne Deeping 2nd 5, Bourne Deeping 3rd 3 Leadenham 4, Long Sutton 2nd 0 Woodhall Spa 1, Louth 2nd 1 Spalding 3rd 3, March Town 5 Skegness 0, Spilsby 3 CoP 4th 5.


Men’s Premier B: I-ES v Norwich City, Cambridge Uni 2nd v CoP 2nd, Felixstowe v Havering, Spalding v Waltham Forest, West Herts 2nd v Old Southendian, Blueharts v Wisbech Town. Sunday – West Herts 2nd v I-ES.

Men’s Division One: Bishop’s Stortford v Long Sutton, Cambridge City 3rd v Harleston Magpies 2nd, Norwich City 2nd v Upminster, CoP 3rd v Wapping 2nd, Bourne Deeping v Blueharts 2nd, Shefford & Sandy v East London.

Men’s Division Three NW: Horncastle v Spalding 2nd, St Neots v CoP 4th, Cambridge City Vets v Wisbech Town 2nd, Spalding 3rd v Ely City, Long Sutton 2nd v Leadenham, St Ives v Bourne Deeping 2nd.

Men’s Division Four NW: Wisbech Town 3rd v Kettering, Alford & District v CoP 6th, Cambridge South 2nd v St Ives 2nd, Wellingborough v St Neots 2nd, CoP 5th v Cambridge City 5th, Bourne Deeping 3rd v Cambridge Nomads 2nd.

Men’s Division Five NW: St Ives 3rd v Bourne Deeping 4th, St Neots 3rd v Ely City 2nd, Cambridge City 6th v Horncastle 2nd, Kettering 2nd v March Town 2nd, Louth v Cambridge South 3rd, CoP 7th v CoP 8th.

Men’s Division Six NW (N): Wisbech Town 4th v Spalding 4th, Long Sutton 3rd v Louth 2nd, Bourne Deeping 5th v Leadenham 2nd, Spalding 5th v Long Sutton 4th, Alford & District 2nd v Bourne Deeping 6th.

Women’s Division Two NW: Long Sutton v Spalding, Cambridge Uni 3rd v Royston, Alford & District v Newmarket, Cambridge Nomads v St Neots, CoP 2nd v Cambridge City 3rd, Wisbech Town 2nd v Bourne Deeping.

Women’s Division Three NW: Newmarket 2nd v Haverhill, Ely City v CoP 3rd, Cambridge City 4th v Horncastle, Spalding 2nd v Pelicans, Huntingdon v Cambridge South, St Ives 2nd v Wisbech Town 3rd.

Women’s Division Four NW (N): Skegness v Spalding 3rd, Woodhall Spa v Louth 2nd, Leadenham v Long Sutton 2nd, March Town v Spilsby, CoP 4th v Alford & District 2nd, Bourne Deeping 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd.