HOCKEY: Promotion chasers prove too strong for Spalding

Long Sutton v Broxbourne
Long Sutton v Broxbourne
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Bottom-of-the-table Spalding men’s first team were taught another harsh lesson as they lost at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

They were beaten 8-2 by promotion hunters Wapping who were playing in the National League last year.

Photos by Tim Wilson

Photos by Tim Wilson

Spalding began the second half on the attack and levelled through Stuart Cunnington’s short corner.

However, a defensive error gifted the advantage back to Wapping who seized the initiative.

Spalding pushed until the end and created several good chances before Matt Day scored.

They will take on City of Peterborough at Glen Park on Saturday (11.30am).

Josh Fyson and Will Cook scored in Long Sutton’s 5-2 home defeat to mid-table side Broxbourne.

Charlie Leuty earned a 1-1 draw for Long Sutton ladies away to Cambridge Nomads while Spalding lost 2-0 at Cambridge City 3rd.



Men’s Premier A: Harleston Magpies 5 Chelmsford 0, Letchworth 2 Saffron Walden 2, CoP 10 Ipswich 0, Wapping 8 Spalding 2, Cambridge Uni 7 Blueharts 3.

Men’s Premier B: West Herts 2nd 9 CoP 2nd 0, Havering 1 Waltham Forest 2, Wisbech Town 4 I-ES 1, Bourne Deeping 5 Cambridge Uni 2nd 3, Cambridge City 2nd 3 Wapping 2nd 1.

Men’s Division One: Long Sutton 2 Broxbourne 5, Sudbury 2 Bishop’s Stortford 1, Shefford & Sandy 3 Cambridge Nomads 2, East London 3 Cambridge City 3rd 3, Felixstowe 0 Upminster 1, Old Southendian 2 Wapping 3rd 2.

Men’s Division Three NW: Cambridge City 4th 6 Kettering 2, St Neots 1 Bourne Deeping 2nd 4, CoP 5th 0 Leadenham 1.

Men’s Division Four NW: Long Sutton 2nd 3 Cambridge South 3rd 4, Bourne Deeping 4th 2 Alford & District 3, Cambridge South 2nd 2 Bourne Deeping 3rd 1, Wisbech Town 2nd 3 CoP 6th 1, St Ives 2nd 6 St Neots 2nd 0, Cambridge City 5th 2 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 1.

Men’s Division Five NW: St Neots 3rd 1 Louth 5, Wellingborough 2 St Ives 3rd 4, CoP 7th 0 Wisbech Town 3rd 10.

Men’s Division Six NW (N): Alford & District 2nd 3 Bourne Deeping 5th 3, Leadenham 2nd 3 Long Sutton 3rd 0, Bourne Deeping 6th 1 CoP 8th 1, Leadenham 3rd 2 Spalding 5th 0, Spalding 6th 0 Louth 2nd 5.

Women’s Division Two NW: Pelicans 0 Cambridge South 1, Cambridge Nomads 1 Long Sutton 1, Cambridge City 3rd 2 Spalding 0, Cambridge Uni 2nd 9 St Ives 2nd 0, Alford & District 9 Wisbech Town 2nd 0.

Women’s Division Three NW: Haverhill 2 CoP 3rd 2, Bury St Edmunds 2nd 0 Ely City 1, Bourne Deeping 2 Cambridge Uni 3rd 0.

Women’s Division Four NW (N): CoP 4th 2 Leadenham 5, Bourne Deeping 3rd 2 Bourne Deeping 2nd 2.


Men’s Premier B: Wapping 2nd 10 Waltham Forest 2.



Men’s Premier A: Blueharts v Wapping, St Albans v Cambridge Uni, Saffron Walden v Bedford, Chelmsford v Letchworth, Ipswich v Harleston Magpies, Spalding v CoP.

Men’s Premier B: Cambridge Uni 2nd v Wisbech Town, Wapping 2nd v Bourne Deeping, Waltham Forest v Cambridge City 2nd, CoP 2nd v Havering, Norwich City v West Herts 2nd, I-ES v Dereham.

Men’s Division One: Upminster v East London, Wapping 3rd v Felixstowe, Bishop’s Stortford v Old Southendian, Broxbourne v Sudbury, Cambridge Nomads v Long Sutton, Cambridge City 3rd v Shefford & Sandy.

Men’s Division Three NW: Bourne Deeping 2nd v March Town, Leadenham v St Neots, Kettering v CoP 5th, Spalding 2nd v Cambridge City 4th, Cambridge City Vets v Ely City, CoP 4th v Spalding 3rd.

Men’s Division Four NW: St Neots 2nd v Wisbech Town 2nd, Cambridge Nomads 2nd v St Ives 2nd, Alford & District v Cambridge City 5th, Cambridge South 3rd v Bourne Deeping 4th, Bourne Deeping 3rd v Long Sutton 2nd, CoP 6th v Cambridge South 2nd.

Men’s Division Five NW: St Ives 3rd v March Town 2nd, Wisbech Town 3rd v Wellingborough, Louth v CoP 7th, Spalding 4th v St Neots 3rd, St Neots 4th v Kettering 2nd, Cambridge City 6th v Horncastle 2nd.

Men’s Division Six NW (N): Louth 2nd v Wisbech Town 4th, Long Sutton 3rd v Spalding 6th, Bourne Deeping 5th v Leadenham 2nd, CoP 8th v Alford & District 2nd, Spalding 5th v Bourne Deeping 6th.

Women’s Division Two NW: St Ives 2nd v Cambridge City 3rd, Wisbech Town 2nd v Cambridge Uni 2nd, Long Sutton v Alford & District, Cambridge South v Cambridge Nomads, Spalding v CoP 2nd.

Women’s Division Three NW: Cambridge Uni 3rd v March Town, Huntingdon v Bourne Deeping, Ely City v Spalding 2nd, CoP 3rd v Bury St Edmunds 2nd, Bury St Edmunds 3rd v Haverhill, Cambridge City 4th v Horncastle.

Women’s Division Four NW (N): Bourne Deeping 2nd v Spalding 3rd, Long Sutton 2nd v Woodhall Spa, Leadenham v Louth 2nd, Alford & District 2nd v CoP 4th.


Men’s Premier A: St Albans v Saffron Walden, Harleston Magpies v Wapping, Letchworth v CoP.

Men’s Premier B: Cambridge Uni 2nd v CoP 2nd.

Men’s Division One: Felixstowe v Long Sutton.

Men’s Division Five NW: Wisbech Town 3rd v Louth.

Women’s Division Two NW: CoP 2nd v Cambridge Uni 2nd.

Women’s Division Three NW: Cambridge Uni 3rd v CoP 3rd.