GYMNASTICS: Spalding boys show off style and presentation

Spalding Gymnastic Academy
Spalding Gymnastic Academy
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Spalding Gymnastic Academy boys were in action in the Northamptonshire Floor and Vault Championships held at Corby.

They were competing in their age group and levels against good clubs and held their own with disciplined routines showing off their style and presentation.

In the novice level at 7/8 years Elliott Brooks won the gold medal.

The 9/10 years age group saw another gold winner in Marco Vertuccio, with Luke Jakins fourth and Joshua Smith fifth. Lewis Burton, in his first competition, was eighth.

Finishing off this level saw Jorge Bradford win the gold medal.

The next level was intermediate and in the 9/10 age group Taylor Binns won the silver with Lucas Webb getting bronze.

In the 11/12 age group Tom Martin won silver, Daniel Yates claimed bronze and Josh Pearson finished fourth.

The last age group at this level saw Ollie-Joe Rushton win gold and Zac Chapman take bronze.

In the advanced level Spalding boys were up against regional boys and, although they looked impressive in their presentation and floor work, they are not there with their skill work just yet. Luke Waterson finished a creditable fourth, Dan Martin fifth and Jamie Waterson sixth.