GOLF: Win is nice and three-sy for Paula

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Paula Brown won Spalding Golf Club’s ladies’ section charity competition – which saw players only allowed to use three clubs and a putter – with 28 points at the Surfleet course.

Jenny Wilson was second in the 13-hole event on 25 points, with Wendy Revill third on countback.

• Spalding ladies’ first match of the season in the Silver Division resulted in a 2.5-1.5 loss at Boston.

Paula Brown andLesley Williams were the only Spalding winners, with Ruth Atkins and Avril Norton halving.

• The annual competition between the lady president’s team and the lady captain’s team resulted in a resounding 6-3 victory for the president’s side.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Ladies section (results): Thursday Stableford – 1st Soon Letchford 32pts; 2nd Sue Racey 28pts (ocb); 3rd Petra Meir 28pts (ocb). Sunday Stableford – 1st Maria Taylor Vassall 25pts; 2ndNicola Stead 23pts; 3rd Petra Meir 17pts. Thursday Playbarn Medal – 1st Sylvia Illsley 75; 2nd Maggie Semper 78; 3rd Christine Burton 80 (ocb). Sunday Playbarn Medal – 1st Karen Slator 76 (ocb); 2nd Sue Racey 76; 3rd Maria Taylor Vassall 84. Tydd St Giles Overall Medal – Sylvia Illsley 75. Three Clubs and a Putter – 1st Maria Taylor Vassall 29 (ocb); 2nd Christina Stevenson 29; 3.Sylvia Illsley 27. Mail on Sunday – Kirton Holme 3.5 Tydd 1.5.

Tydd St Giles senions’ section: Monthly Medal: Division One – 1st Ron Colledge 77-10=67; 2nd Mike Parker 82-12=70; 3rd Lee Smith 85-13=72. Division Two – 1st Del Marsh 86-20=66; 2nd Trevor Sewell 86-17=69; 3rd John Ormiston 89-18=71. Division Three – 1st Terry Sambridge 94-21=73; 2nd Dave Morris 97-23=74, 3rd Carl Brodie 98-22=76. Division Four – Geoff Chappel 101-28=73; 2nd Eddie Armstrong 100-24=76; 3rd Terry Cobb 105-27=78. Stableford Trophy: Division One – 1st Gerry Sherriff 32pts (ocb); 2nd Mike Parker 32pt; 3rd Sid Haxell 31pts. Division Two – 1st Ray Downing 32pts (ocb); 2nd Del Marsh 32 pts; 3rd John Elliott 30pts. Division Three – 1st John Gamble 33pts; 2nd Dave Morris 30pts; 3rd Chris Brodie 29pts. Division Four – 1st Ken Sherry 28pts; 2nd Brian Gazzard 27pts; 3rd Terry Cobb 26 pts.