GOLF: Brilliant Baines pockets President’s prize

TOP SHOW: Gedney Hill's President's Day winners. From left - Pete Vinter, Richard Senior (president), Nigel Baines, Chris Bennett and Ray Wright.
TOP SHOW: Gedney Hill's President's Day winners. From left - Pete Vinter, Richard Senior (president), Nigel Baines, Chris Bennett and Ray Wright.
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Nigel Baines took top spot at Gedney Hill Golf Club’s President’s Day with an impressive haul of 43 points.

Plenty of other prizes were dished out, with Ray Wright bagging the men’s prize, Pete Vinter claiming the seniors’ crown and Chris Bennett the ladies’ section winner on countback from Jacqui Rust.

President’s Day results: Overall winner: Nigel Baines 43pts. Men’s competition: 1st Ray Wright 39pts; 2nd Chris Davies 37. Seniors’ competition: 1st Pete Vinter 39pts; 2nd Jim Starbuck 37. Ladies’ competition: 1st Chris Bennett 39pts (ocb); 2nd Jacqui Rust 39. Nearest to the line: Jenny Venters. Nearest to the pin: Hole 3: Pete Vinter; Hole 4: Gareth Thomas; Hole 11: Rob Warlow; Hole 12: Pete Evans.

Men’s Section: Clarke Steel Trophy: 1st Steve Horton 68net (ocb); 2nd Carol Plume 68; 3rd Colin Rust 68.

Seniors’ section: Seniors’ Captain’s Day: Overall winner: David Lord 43pts. Cat 1 winner: Peter Orbine 40pts; Cat 2 winner: Neil Sargeant 41pts; Cat 3 winner: Don Hinshelwood 42pts. Ladies winner: Jenny Venters 41pts. Guest winner: Malcolm Taylor 37pts. Nearest to the pin: Hole 3: Neil Sargeant; Hole 4: Eric Cowles; Hole 11: Peter Orbine; Hole 12: George Davis.

Result: Gedney Hill 4 Sudbrook Moor 2 (Leonard Kempster & Peter Orbine won 5&4; Wally Lawes & Bill Sharpe won 2&1; Pete Evans & Bill Smith lost 2&1; John Venters & Neil Sargeant lost 3&2; David Lord & Keith Cooper won 2&1; Bob Townsend & Tom Melvin won 5&4).

Rabbits section: Hovenden Park 2.5 Gedney Hill 6.5 Chris Bennett & Gary Moore lost 1 down; Nicky Weller & Johnny Rust won 2&1; Neil Sargeant & Peter Orbine won 4&3; Tom Penning & Marilyn Sayer won 1up; Graham East & Stuart Turnell lost 6&5; Phil Davis & Joseph Timms halved; Bill Sharpe & Wally Lawes won 1up; Greg Walsh & Mo Parling won 3&2; Paul Hanson & Ray Wright won 2&1).


Mixed section: Sutton Bridge Mixed 4.5 Middleton Hall 1.5 (Steen Catlow & Margaret Fox won 4&3; Barry Irwin & Brenda Bell A/S; Roy Fox & Janet Simpson won 1up; Norman & Ann Davis won 5&4; John & Ann Cross lost 2&1; Ken & Judy Green won 4&2.

Ladies’ section: August Medal: 1st Jen Baines 94-23=71; 2nd Margaret Fox 101–2=81; 3rd Suzanne Larham 111-27=84. Best scratch:Jen Baines.

Summer foursomes: 1st Fid Cropper & Karen Gillett 86; 2nd Judy Ostler & Suzanne Aitken 87. 3rd Carole Caney & Dianne Wareham 107.

Men’s section: Sutton Bridge 4 Toft 0 (Steen Catlow & Colin Fawcett won 6&5; Jon Essam & Andy Hyde won 2&1; Ralph Grimes & Richard Caney won 1up; John Walker & George Baines won 2&1).

Seniors’ section: Feltwell 6 Sutton Bridge 0 (Roger Williamson & Roy Fox lost 2&1; Noel Clare & Tony Town lost 2 down; Chris Shipp & Roy Amos lost 4&3; Mervyn Williamson & Peter North lost 4&3; Stan Poulten & John Cross lost 2&1; Norman Davis & Ray Page lost 4&2).