DARTS: Pinchbeck & District Summer League finals night

Division C winners: Consti Club A

A packed Services Club venue saw a very high standard of darts throughout the evening.

Ward Trophy final

Pairs semi-finalists

Riverside C v Snooker Club

A last game win by Snooker Club’s Adam Bourne over Steve Rawding secured the trophy 4-3. 180s from Adam Curle and Dave Bishell.

Singles semi-finals

Straight wins for Tigers Club’s Duggie McInerney (154 finish) and Lincoln Arms’ Andy Bingham (180) over Jonny Pell and Karl Rolfe put them through.

Singles semi-finalists

Pairs semi-finals

Wins by Lincoln Arms A’s John McGuirk and Steve Stancer over Snooker Club’s Stu Hawes and Adam Curle and Tigers Club’s Claire Brookin and Gary Mace against Riverside C’s Andy Marriot and Steve Rawding.

Knockout Cup final

Tigers Club v New Saracen’s Head C

Ladies Cup: Stacey Banister & Chris McCutcheon

A very high-scoring close match saw New Saracen’s Head win 4-3 with a late win by Chris Fidler against Jason Hammond. 180s for Mark Horspool and Duncan Hunt.

Ladies final

Stacey Banister v Chris McCutcheon

A straight 2-0 win by Lincoln Arms B’s Stacey over Services Club B’s Chris.

Captains Cup: Tony Clark & Stacey Banister

Captains Cup final

Stacey Banister v Tony Clark

Stacey just missed out on a second trophy by narrowly missing the double in the third leg to lose to Drayman’s Arms A’s captain.

Landlords Cup final

Consti Club’s Dick Morgan beat Drayman’s Arms’ Tony Branch 2-1.

Mixed Pairs final

Division A winners: New Saracens Head C

One of the games of the night – Riverside C’s Jonny Pell and Lynn Bishell being pipped by Tigers Club’s Claire Brookin and Gary Mace.

All four players put in some high scoring throughout the three legs but a 180 by Gary Mace in the third leg saw them edge in front.

Pairs final

Played over five legs, this match saw Gary and Claire do the pairs double by beating Lincoln Arms A’s Steve Stancer and John McGuirk 3-1.

Singles final

Lincoln Arms A’s Andy Bingham beat Tigers Club’s Duggie McInerney 3-1.

Mark Tansley Memorial Trophy final

Highlight of the night saw Andy Bingham beat Gary Mace (winner of winter league singles) 3-1. A 180 in the final leg gave him the chance of first shot at a double.

Singles & Mark Tansley Trophy winner: Ian Tilley (MC), Maureen Pell, Andy Bingham.

Division B winners: Snooker Club

Landlords Cup: Dick Morgan & Tony Branch

Mixed Pairs final

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