CYCLING: Time trial league ends with a flurry

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A PERSONAL best time helped Tom Neale to victory in Spalding Cycling Club’s final 10 mile Time Trial Championship event of the season.

Conditions were mild and relatively calm on the Pode Hole course and Neale enjoyed a comfortable win.

Second place went to Adam Ellis, more than one minute behind. Andrew Gurney had a storming ride to fifth place with a PB time of 24.06.

A number of others finished their time trial year strongly with PBs, including Joe Andrews, Matt Ellis, Victor Neilson and Tom Webster Jnr.

Results: Tom Neale 22.38 PB; Adam Ellis 22.47; Neil Palmer 23.16; Chris Ward 23:36; Andrew Gurney 24.06 PB; Chris Pratt 24.21; Ian Fensom 24.25; William Hare 24.47; Sam Bentley 24.58; Harry Bellars 25.07; Ben Moore 25.30; Tom Webster Snr 26.06; Ben Richards 26.27; Aimee Stocker 26.41; Joe Andrews 26.42 PB; Gareth Richards 26.45; Simon Santry 27.20; Matt Ellis 28.03 PB; Derek Chamberlain 28.15; Gary Bentley 28.18; Barry Drew 28.33; Sarah Plows 29.10; Reece Moradkhan 29.13; David Walters 30.14; Adrian Thurston 30.30; Victor Neilson 30.52 PB; Bill Wood 31.00; Craig Richardson-Woodward 31:53; Steve Whatley 32.16; Tom Webster Jnr 31.54 PB; Tilly Gurney 32.25; William McKay 33.00; David Thornley DNF. Guests: Adam Botteley 26.26; Daniel Barton 29.45; Tony Watkins 34.45 PB; John Usher 37.02.

Round 12 the previous week was again a comfortable victory – this time for Neil Palmer.

He finished more than 50 seconds clear of his nearest challenger, Chris Ward.

The Fisherman’s Arms Trophy – which is the annual competition to find the rider who has shown the greatest improvement in their 10 mile time trial times over the course of the year – was decided.

After 30 years of competing, the trophy was awarded for the first time to Adrian Thurston (+16 seconds).

Second was Brett Shepherd (+7secs) and third Harry Bellars (+6secs).

Results: Neil Palmer 23.12; Chris Ward 24.03; Ian Fensom 24.38; Harry Bellars 24.44; Andrew Gurney 24.51; Sam Bentley 25.27; Ben Richards 26.27; Aimee Stocker 26.33; Brett Shepherd 27.30; Gary Bentley 27.51; Gerry Charlwood 27.58; Derek Chamberlain 28.25; David Thornley 28.27; Ed Holliday 28.38; Barry Drew 29.10; Matt Ellis 29.28 PB; Reece Moradkhan 29.53; Adrian Thurston 30.16; Victor Nelson 31.31; Steve Whatley 32.11; Mick Griffin 32.33; Tilly Gurney 33.16; Adam Medlock 34.31; Tom Neale DNF. Guests: Ben Moore 25.49; Joe Andrews 26.46; Wayne Thomas 32.09 (Tri); William McKay 34.19