CYCLING: Tight finish as six riders set records

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Personal best times tumbled at round 11 of Spalding Cycling Club’s 10 mile time trial at Pode Hole.

Neil Palmer and Tom Neale enjoyed a close scrap for top spot, with Palmer managing to squeeze out a seven-second advantage after ten miles of competitive riding.

The warm temperature and lack of wind meant that many riders were able to set their fastest ever time over ten miles including Chris Ward, Andrew Gurney, Will Hare, Ben Richards, Claire Thomas and Paul Kendall.

Proving that four legs are better than two, Ian and Ollie Fensom set a time of 23.17 which would have been good enough for second overall in the main competition!

August 14 times: Neil Palmer 23.13: Tom Neale 23.20; Chris Ward 23.57 PB; Andrew Gurney 24.20 PB; William Hare 24.32 PB; Harry Bellars 25.02; Ben Richards 26.02 PB; David Thornley 26.35; Aimee Stocker 26.58; Claire Thomas 27.03 PB; Brett Shepard 27.37; Ed Holliday 28.39; Bill Wood 29.41; Paul Kendall 33.02 PB; Tilly Gurney 33:54.

Ian & Ollie Fensom (tandem) 23:17

Guests: Martin Jackson (TRI) 25.06 PB; Jamie Graham (TRI) 25.23; Ben Moore 25.28 PB; Adam Botteley (BW) 25.59; Sian Botteley (BW) 27.15; Tom Drew (TRI) 27.21; Maddie Gammons (BW) 28.10 PB; Daniel Burton (BW) 29.41; Aaron Bateman (BW) 29:54; Jack Robinson (SHEFFREC CC) DNF

l 10 mile Time Trial round 10: Conditions were quite challenging with a stiff headwind facing riders as they headed down the main straight.

Ian Fensom rode a storming race to secure first place having been chased home by Chris Ward who finished 17 seconds behind.

August 7 times: Ian Fensom 24.04; Chris Ward 24.21; Chris Pratt 24.34; Tom Neale 24.54; Will Hare 25.14; Harry Bellars 25.36; Gareth Richards 26.50; David Thornley 27.03; Simon Wright 27.45; Brett Shepard 28.29; Ed Holliday 28.56; Claire Thomas 30.27; Reece Moradkhan 30.29; Adrian Thurston 30.32; Tilly Gurney 33.33

Guests: Steve Wood (Peterborough CC) 24.39; Ben Moore (private) 26.06; Adam Botteley (Bourne Wheelers) 26.39; Maddie Gammons (Bourne Wheelers) 29:57

l 10 mile Time Trial round 9: Neil Palmer set the fastest time of the night but he was chased hard by Adam Ellis who finished second only 20 seconds behind.

Gareth Richards gave a very strong performance which saw him set a personal best time of 26.06.

July 24 times: Neil Palmer 23.06; Adam Ellis 23.26; Ian Fensom 24.28; Harry Bellars 24.56; Graham McAndrew 26.13; Gareth Richards 26.26 PB; Jake Peel 26.33; Simon Wright 26.43; Aimee Stocker 26.50; Jennifer McAndrew 27.23; Gary Bentley 27.37; Lawrence Brackstone 27.52; Andy Pack 28.04; Matt Ellis 29.48 PB; Bill Wood 30.20; Renzo Gherardi 30.37; Adrian Thurston 31.07; Richard Merrill 32.20; Adam Medlock 34.32

l Two Up Time Trial: Neil Palmer and Chris Ward worked extremely well as a team and finished first.

The battle for second and third place was fought out by two father and son teams.

The greater experience of Ollie Fensom won in the end and he secured second spot working with his father, Ian.

In one of his earliest time trial events since becoming old enough to compete on the road, young Matt Ellis can still be very satisfied with securing third place just 32 seconds behind.

Times: Neil Palmer/Chris Ward 22.45; Ian Fensom/Ollie Fensom 24.02; Adam Ellis/Matt Ellis 24.34; Gary Bentley/Sarah Bentley 27.51; Barry Drew/Gareth Richards 27.54; Adam Medlock/Reece Moradkhan 30.08; David Walters/Mick Griffin 31.35; Alan Stacey/Steve Weatley 32.14

Solo rides: Tom Neale 23.35; Harry Bellars 24.53

Guest riders: Mark Botteley/Tim James 24.50 (Bourne Wheelers); Liam Drew/Rachel Drew 25.54: Adam Botteley/Dan Burton 27.08 (BW); Claire Thomas/Joe Andrews 27.14; Maddie Gammons/Aaron Bateman 29.01 (BW)