CYCLING: Aimee’s stock rises with record

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AIMEE Stocker’s storming year continued as she smashed a long-standing Spalding Cycling Club record at round three of the club’s ten mile time trial league.

Her time of 25.52 minutes saw here set a new best time for a lady over the distance, smashing a record set way back in the early 1990s.

It was a top night for the club’s other riders too, with a spree of personal best (PB) times clocked.

At the top of the leaderboard, Neil Palmer took his revenge on Jeremy Hargrave and set a PB time on his way to first place with a time of 23.23mins. Hargrave was just behind in second with 23.26mins.

Results: Neil Palmer 23.23 (PB); Jeremy Hargrave 23.26; Chris Pratt 23.48 (PB); Andrew Gurney 24.30 (PB); Chris Ward 24.44; Graham McAndrew 24.58; Ian Fensom 25.07; Harry Bellars 25.11; Aimee Stocker 25.52 (PB); Jake Peel 26.21; Ben Richards 26.40; Tom Webster snr 26.49; Jennifer McAndrew 27.04 (PB); David Thornley 27.15; Derek Chamberlain 27.20; Simon Wright 27.29; Gareth Richards 27.49; Clare Thomas 28.27 (PB); Barry Drew 28.52; Gerry Charlwood 29.00; Brett Shephard 29.21; Kate Peel 30.22; David Neale 31.31; Richard Merrill 31.40 (PB); Adrian Thurston 31.49; Bill Wood 32.15; Ben Cleghorn 32.19 (PB); Harriet Moore 32.24; Tilly Gurney 33.04 (PB); Alan Stacey 33.05; Adam Medlock 33.28; Megan Kendal 36.51 (PB).

Guests: Andy Barnard 24.41; Steve Thompson 25.26 (PB); Tom Drew 26.00 (PB); Charlotte Taylor 29.55.

Round Two results: 1st Jeremy Hargrave 23.39mins; 2nd Neil Palmer 24.21; 3rd Chris Ward 24.53; 4th Ian Fensom 25.33; 5th Harry Bellars 25.44; 6th Aimee Stocker 27.06 (PB); 7th Jake Peel 27.16; 8th Adam Ellis 27.53; 9th Sam Bentley 28.00; 10th David Thornley 28.26; 11th Jennifer McAndrew 28.33; 12th Claire Thomas 28.39 (PB); 13th Gareth Richards 29.05; 14th Ben Richards 29.30; 15th Brett Shepherd 29.41; 16th Simon Wright 29.55; 17th Reece Moradkhan 32.13; 18th Harriet Moore 32.57; 19th Ben Cleghorn 33.48 (PB); 20th Tim Moore 37.45

Guests: Steve Thompson 26.21; Tom Drew 27.00