BOXING: Mixed bag for young South Holland aces

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BOXERS from South Holland Boxing Academy have been all over the country in recent weeks, with mixed success.

The sole winner for the Holbeach-based club was Keelan Stewart, but four other fighters gave good accounts of themselves.

Jack Fowler endured a tough test at Hinckley, as he discovered that fighting genuine 60kg lads is tough. Although game to the end, he found it difficult to get inside the long reach of his opponent from Earl Shilton.

He lost all three rounds, which left a sour taste in the mouth of the South Holland boxer, who is already making plans to avenge the defeat at a later date.

Meanwhile, Thomas Pogson travelled to Leeds to compete in a hastily-arranged bout after his original opponent pulled out.

He weighed in slightly heavier than the West Leeds pugilist and also had the edge on reach, height and fighting experience.

But the contest resembled more of a cage fight, with Pogson’s opponent short on skill. He rushed the South Holland ace from the off and twice wrestled him to the floor.

Pogson found it hard to get going and, despite a strong final round, he was beaten.

Over at Bartley Green in Birmingham, George Fowler found his debut match difficult, as the home boxer forced a standing eight count early in the first round.

Fowler put in a much better second round, but found himself on the receiving end of some fierce punishment in the closing stages.

Coach John Sutton rallied his lad and sent him out for the third, but with 30 seconds to go he threw in the towel having decided that his boxer had suffered enough.

On the same bill was Stewart, who has not boxed competitively since his home show in March. The bout was explosive, with both boxers wanting to win.

Stewart came back to the corner in the second tired and with nothing left in the tank, but coach Sutton was having none of it.

He sternly told his boxer to fight from the heart – and what a reaction he got.

At the bell it was always going to be a close decision, but Stewart won a majority decision – leaving the travelling support ecstatic.

Sutton said: “I thought it could have gone either way, but it was decided by the guy who wanted it more.

“It’s a great result for Keelan, but the bout could have been easier if he made it to the gym more often. He did well, I’m proud of him.”

Last on the night was Samuel Ladbrook, who was making his debut at 65kg. He is one of the fittest guys in the Holbeach-based club and his south paw stance is difficult to deal with.

Ladbrook had a good first round, but his opponent was much taller and weighed in at the top end of the light welter limit.

At the end of the first round Sutton retired his boxer as his jaw was found to be damaged and the doctor ruled the bout over.

Sutton added: “It was disappointing, but these things happen in boxing.”