BOWLS: Six Spalding players in county win

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Six players from Spalding helped Lincolnshire beat Northumberland in the National Under-25 double rink competition.

Calvin Leuty, Martin Spencer, Ben Wilson, Ryan Huskisson, Matt Whyers and Andy Dawson were joined by Jonathan West (Boston) and Mat Orrey (Grantham) to make up the two rinks at York IBC. Travelling reserve Ashley Caress is also a Spalding player.

Leuty skipped one rink to a comfortable 25-5 win (conceded after 19 ends) and Spencer skipped the other winning by 18-12 (conceded after 17 ends).

Lincolnshire now face Yorkshire on December 4.

l Spalding crashed out of the Denny Cup with a 17 shot defeat at the hands of a strong Lincoln side.

At Lincoln, captain Graham Smith’s set of Andy Dawson, Bob Davis and Martin Simpson led the way with a 22-17 win, with Calvin Leuty’s set putting in a good display but losing out by 13-22.

At home, Paul Simpson’s rink won a close encounter by one shot but Simon Lilley’s rink were up against a Lincoln rink on top form and lost out by 14 shots.

l Spalding beat Boston in a friendly last Saturday, by 116-88.

The result was never in doubt but Spalding only won three rinks out of the six. Two rinks won by 18 shots but it was the rink led by Maggie Wheatley that took the best rink prize by virtue of winning the most ends.

Others in the team were June Taylor, John Gills and Andy Bodel-Hansen.

Captain of the day was James Newby.