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Spalding Hockey Club mens' firsts win and lose at the weekend

Spalding men's first team followed up a hard-fought home win at Glen Park with an away defeat to Cambridge University 2nds.

A second hat-trick in as many weeks for Stuart Cunnington, plus a brace from Will Baker, helped Spalding to come out on top in a nine-goal thriller against St Albans 2nds.

The home side had led 3-2 at half time, despite going a man down after a rash tackle by Brendan Morris.

Action from Spalding v St Albans 2nds at Glen Park, Surfleet.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-231119-152TW.
Action from Spalding v St Albans 2nds at Glen Park, Surfleet.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-231119-152TW.

In the second half, there were chances at both ends in a game where temperatures rose as both teams sought to take control.

Spalding increased their lead to 4-2 before letting the visitors back in to level at 4-4.

But Will Baker scored the decisive goal to give his side all three points.

The after-effects from such a close game, however, counted against Baker and his team-mates at Cambridge University 2nds.

It looked like a weekend win double was on when the visitors went 1-0 up from a short corner drag flick from Cunnington.

However, the home side equalised before half time and then took control with an early second half goal, followed by two more as Spalding failed to make any of their short corners count.

Action from Spalding v St Albans 2nds at Glen Park, Surfleet.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-231119-160TW.
Action from Spalding v St Albans 2nds at Glen Park, Surfleet.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-231119-160TW.

Meanwhile, goals from Charlotte Maplethorpe, Ellie Holland, Karen Timby were not enough to stop Spalding ladies' firsts losing 6-3 at Bury St Edmunds 2nds.

In a feisty encounter at the Suffolk club, Spalding fell behind early on before player of the match Maplethorpe equalised, a fitting reward for someone who

caused problems for the Bury defence throughout the match.

The home side were back in front after a shot slipped past Spalding keeper Abby Hodgett and a third goal quickly followed when a well-taken short corner was slammed into the corner.

But when a penalty stroke was awarded to Spalding, captain Karen Timby stepped up and confidently struck the ball into the net.

The visitors then got right back into the game when Ellie Holland finished off a neat passage of play with Timby and Maplethorpe.

A short corner on the stroke of half-time gave Spalding the chance to take the lead for the first time but despite a scramble in front of goal, the score stayed level at the break.

Unfortunately for Spalding, the missed chance was ruthlessly punished by the hosts who went on to put away three second half goals to run out winners.




Premier B: Havering 4 Sudbury 2, Upminster 2 Shefford & Sandy 1, Letchworth 3 Cambridge University 2nd 2, Old Southendian 5 Broxbourne 3, Spalding 5 St Albans 2nd 4, Waltham Forest 2 Blueharts 0.

Division Two North: Long Sutton 1 City of Peterborough 3rd 2, Norwich City 2nd 2 Dereham 2nd 1, Horncastle 1 Harleston Magpies 2nd 6, Norwich Dragons 5 St Ives 3, Harleston Magpies 3rd 2 Kettering 5, Pelicans 0 University of East Anglia 2.

Division Three NW: City of Peterborough 4th 7 Long Sutton 2nd 1, Cambridge City Vets 2 Bourne Deeping 2nd 2, St Ives 2nd 0 Ely City 2, Leadenham 3 Spalding 2nd 3, St Neots 2 Cambridge South 2nd 2, March Town 2 Cambridge University 3rd 4.

Division Four NW: Bourne Deeping 3rd 4 Cambridge South 3rd 2, Spalding 3rd 3 Louth 4, Cambridge Nomads 2nd 5 Wisbech Town 2nd 2, St Ives 3rd 2 City of Peterborough 5th 5, Wellingborough 5 Alford & District 1, Kettering 2nd 3 Cambridge City 5th 1.

Division Five NW: Cambridge South 4th 5 Kettering 3rd 1, Louth 2nd 0 St Neots 2nd 5, Ely City 2nd 2 Bourne Deeping 4th 5, Bourne Deeping 5th 2 Cambridge City 6th 1, March Town 2nd 0 Wisbech Town 3rd 4, City of Peterborough 6th 4 Spalding 4th 3.

Division Six NW (N): Alford & District 2nd 3 Long Sutton 3rd 2, Horncastle 2nd 2 City of Peterborough 8th 2, Leadenham 3rd 3 Bourne Deeping 6th 0, Spalding 5th 0 Leadenham 2nd 1.


Division Two NW: Cambridge University 3rd 1 Saffron Walden 0, Bury St Edmunds 2nd 6 Spalding 3, Dereham 2nd 9 Cambridge Nomads 2, Pelicans 1 Long Sutton 1, Bourne Deeping 1 Cambridge South 4, Cambridge City 4th 5 St Ives 2nd 0.

Division Three NW: Spalding 2nd 1 Huntingdon 0, Horncastle 8 Bourne Deeping 2nd 1, Alford & District 5 City of Peterborough 3rd 0.

Division Four NW (N): March Town 2 Spalding 3rd 1, City of Peterborough 4th 7 Alford & District 2nd 0, Leadenham 0 Horncastle 2nd 2, Wisbech Town 2nd 12 Spilsby 0, Louth 2nd 3 Long Sutton 2nd 0.



Premier B: Shefford & Sandy 1 Waltham Forest 3, Bourne Deeping 1 Old Southendian 5, Broxbourne 1 Letchworth 4, Cambridge University 2nd 4 Spalding 1, Sudbury 3 Upminster 0, St Albans 2nd 2 Havering 2.




Premier B: St Albans 2nd v Upminster, Bourne Deeping v Letchworth, Broxbourne v Spalding, Havering v Old Southendian, Sudbury v Waltham Forest, Blueharts v Cambridge University 2nd.

Division Two North: University of East Anglia v Long Sutton, Dereham 2nd v Horncastle, Kettering v Pelicans, City of Peterborough 3rd v Norwich City 2nd, St Ives v Harleston Magpies 3rd, Harleston Magpies 2nd v Norwich Dragons.

Division Three NW: Cambridge University 3rd v City of Peterborough 4th, Cambridge South 2nd v Cambridge City Vets, Long Sutton 2nd v Leadenham, Bourne Deeping 2nd v St Ives 2nd, Ely City v March Town, Spalding 2nd v St Neots.

Division Four NW: Cambridge South 3rd v Spalding 3rd, Alford & District v Kettering 2nd, Cambridge City 5th v Bourne Deeping 3rd, Wisbech Town 2nd v St Ives 3rd, Louth v Cambridge Nomads 2nd, City of Peterborough 5th v Wellingborough.

Division Five NW: Cambridge City 6th v Cambridge South 4th, St Neots 2nd v Bourne Deeping 5th, Kettering 3rd v March Town 2nd, Bourne Deeping 4th v Louth 2nd, Wisbech Town 3rd v City of Peterborough 6th, Spalding 4th v Ely City 2nd.

Division Six NW (N): Bourne Deeping 6th v Horncastle 2nd, Long Sutton 3rd v Spalding 5th, Leadenham 2nd v Leadenham 3rd, Alford & District 2nd v City of Peterborough 8th.


Division Two NW: Cambridge Nomads v Bourne Deeping, Spalding v Pelicans, Long Sutton v Dereham 2nd, Cambridge South v Cambridge City 4th, Saffron Walden v Bury St Edmunds 2nd, St Ives 2nd v Cambridge University 3rd.

Division Three NW: City of Peterborough 3rd v Spalding 2nd, Huntingdon v Horncastle, Bourne Deeping 2nd v St Neots 2nd, Ely City v Alford & District.

Division Four NW (N): Spalding 3rd v City of Peterborough 4th, Alford & District 2nd v Wisbech Town 2nd, Horncastle 2nd v March Town, Long Sutton 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd, Spilsby v Louth 2nd.



Premier B: Blueharts v Broxbourne.

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