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Spalding Hockey Club celebrate derby success against Bourne Deeping

Charlotte Maplethorpe got both goals as Spalding ladies beat Bourne Deeping at Glen Park.

Buoyant after pre-season results and their first league victory last week, Spalding looked to continue their positive start.

However, it was the visitors who pressed forward by creating chances while controlling midfield.

Spalding v Bourne Deeping
Spalding v Bourne Deeping

Spalding were given the chance to score from their short corner routines but, despite having the ball in the back of the net twice from a set-piece and open play, both were disallowed for infringements.

They were slow to react as advantage was played out to Bourne Deeping who took a first-half lead.

Keeper Donna Chester-O’Neill ensured the damage was limited with a penalty save, among several smart stops that saw her named joint player of the match.

Spalding v Bourne Deeping
Spalding v Bourne Deeping

Spalding continued to push in the second half as they became more desperate to get something out of the game.

Eventually they were rewarded when Maplethorpe, the team’s other player of the match, was rewarded for her pacy endeavours.

Maplethorpe doubled her tally late in the second half as Spalding then had to hang on for the last five minutes.

Stu Cunnington’s hat-trick guided Spalding men’s first team to a 4-3 victory at Bourne Deeping on Saturday. Joe Maltby was also on target.

Cunnington struck twice in Sunday’s 2-1 home win over Blueharts.

Spalding’s under-11 and 13 teams took part in the first of the South Lincs area tournaments hosted by Bourne Deeping.

The under-11 Panthers won 4-2 and lost 2-1 while the Jaguars won 5-0 and lost 1-0.

The under-13 Lions won three out of three (2-0, 6-0 and 6-0) while the Tigers won 1-0 and 2-0 and drew 1-1.

Long Sutton ladies got off the mark with a home victory over Cambridge Nomads.

Slick passing between Connie and Emmy Gittins pierced the D and a slipped ball found Jess Burton to slot home from close range for their first goal of the season.

Four minutes before half-time, the second short corner of the game was stopped and struck in by Connie Gittins with a strong strike which gave the keeper no chance.

From the restart, Nomads played down the left-hand side and they hit back from a short corner.

Hannah Baker rounded off an impressive game with her first goal of the season.

Josh Baker fired a hat-trick as the men's first team lost 4-3 at Harleston Magpies 3rd.




Premier B: Bourne Deeping 3 Spalding 4, Broxbourne 3 Cambridge University 2nd 0, Havering 2 Upminster 0, Shefford & Sandy 0 Letchworth 2, St Albans 2nd 2 Waltham Forest 0, Blueharts 2 Old Southendian 2.

Division Two North: University of East Anglia 3 Horncastle 1, Kettering 3 Norwich City 2nd 3, City of Peterborough 3rd 1 Norwich Dragons 2, Harleston Magpies 3rd 4 Long Sutton 3, St Ives 1 Pelicans 3, Dereham 2nd 1 Harleston Magpies 2nd 7.

Division Three NW: Cambridge University 3rd 2 St Neots 1, Cambridge City Vets 2 March Town 3, Bourne Deeping 2nd 1 City of Peterborough 4th 7, Cambridge South 2nd 3 St Ives 2nd 3, Ely City 3 Leadenham 2, Long Sutton 2nd 3 Spalding 2nd 2.

Division Four NW: City of Peterborough 5th 5 Bourne Deeping 3rd 1, Wisbech Town 2nd 0 Kettering 2nd 0, Alford & District 3 Cambridge City 5th 0, Cambridge South 3rd 3 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 1, Spalding 3rd 4 St Ives 3rd 1, Louth 5 Wellingborough 2.

Division Five NW: Spalding 4th 7 Bourne Deeping 4th 2, Wisbech Town 3rd 5 Louth 2nd 4, Cambridge City 6th 3 City of Peterborough 6th 1, St Neots 2nd 2 Cambridge South 4th 1, Bourne Deeping 5th 2 March Town 2nd 7, Kettering 3rd 7 Ely City 2nd 0.

Division Six NW (N): Leadenham 3rd 5 City of Peterborough 8th 0, Alford & District 2nd 2 Leadenham 2nd 5, Spalding 5th 0 Bourne Deeping 6th 1.


Division Two NW: Cambridge City 4th 0 Bury St Edmunds 2nd 2, Spalding 2 Bourne Deeping 1, Long Sutton 3 Cambridge Nomads 1, Saffron Walden 1 Dereham 2nd 1, Cambridge South 10 Cambridge University 3rd 1, St Ives 2nd 2 Pelicans 1.

Division Three NW: Huntingdon 5 Bourne Deeping 2nd 0, Ely City 0 Horncastle 1, Cambridge City 5th 0 Alford & District 3, City of Peterborough 3rd 1 St Neots 2nd 0.

Division Four NW (N): Spalding 3rd 9 Louth 2nd 0, Alford & District 2nd 1 Spilsby 2, Horncastle 2nd 1 Wisbech Town 2nd 1, Long Sutton 2nd 0 Leadenham 7, Bourne Deeping 3rd 0 March Town 5.



Premier B: Waltham Forest 3 Havering 3, Spalding 2 Blueharts, 1 Broxbourne 3 Shefford & Sandy 1, Cambridge University 2nd 5 Bourne Deeping 1, Old Southendian 5 Sudbury 4, Letchworth 3 Upminster 1.




Premier B: Bourne Deeping v Broxbourne, Upminster v Waltham Forest, Sudbury v Cambridge University 2nd, Shefford & Sandy v Spalding, St Albans 2nd v Old Southendian, Blueharts v Letchworth.

Division Two North: Norwich Dragons v University of East Anglia, Long Sutton v Pelicans, Horncastle v Kettering, Harleston Magpies 2nd v City of Peterborough 3rd, St Ives v Dereham 2nd, Norwich City 2nd v Harleston Magpies 3rd.

Division Three NW: Leadenham v Bourne Deeping 2nd, St Neots v Ely City, March Town v St Ives 2nd, Spalding 2nd v Cambridge University 3rd, Cambridge South 2nd v Long Sutton 2nd, City of Peterborough 4th v Cambridge City Vets.

Division Four NW: St Ives 3rd v Cambridge Nomads 2nd, Bourne Deeping 3rd v Wisbech Town 2nd, Cambridge City 5th v City of Peterborough 5th, Cambridge South 3rd v Alford & District, Wellingborough v Spalding 3rd, Kettering 2nd v Louth.

Division Five NW: City of Peterborough 6th v Bourne Deeping 5th, St Neots 2nd v Spalding 4th, Louth 2nd v Kettering 3rd, Ely City 2nd v Cambridge City 6th, March Town 2nd v Cambridge South 4th, Bourne Deeping 4th v Wisbech Town 3rd.

Division Six NW (N): City of Peterborough 8th v Horncastle 2nd, Leadenham 2nd v Spalding 5th, Long Sutton 3rd v Alford & District 2nd, Bourne Deeping 6th v Leadenham 3rd.


Division Two NW: Cambridge Nomads v Spalding, Dereham 2nd v St Ives 2nd, Cambridge South v Long Sutton, Bury St Edmunds 2nd v Cambridge University 3rd, Bourne Deeping v Saffron Walden, Pelicans v Cambridge City 4th.

Division Three NW: Bourne Deeping 2nd v City of Peterborough 3rd, Spalding 2nd v Cambridge City 5th, Alford & District v Newmarket, St Neots 2nd v Ely City.

Division Four NW (N): City of Peterborough 4th v Bourne Deeping 3rd, Spilsby v Spalding 3rd, Long Sutton 2nd v Alford & District 2nd, March Town v Leadenham, Louth 2nd v Horncastle 2nd.

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