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Derby delight for Spalding Hockey Club ladies first team

Charlotte Maplethorpe’s hat-trick earned three points for Spalding ladies at Bourne Deeping.

She dribbled past the keeper and slotted in the early opener but the hosts soon got back on level terms.

Just before half-time, Maplethorpe scored again by chipping it over the keeper after getting onto a through-ball.

Bourne Deeping equalised again but Spalding showed some great play in the middle from Jess Ball and Evie Maltby plus strong defending at the back by Sally Pilgrim and Mia Dewing.

The winner came from an assist by Ellie Holland with a powerful pass to Maplethorpe who finished it off.

Spalding men’s first team lost 7-0 at Blueharts.

The visitors made a slow start and conceded two early goals.

They were 4-0 down at half-time and couldn’t get back into the game.

Tim Maltby scored the only goal as Spalding 2nd beat Long Sutton 2nd at Glen Park
Tim Maltby scored the only goal as Spalding 2nd beat Long Sutton 2nd at Glen Park

Ed White and Alex Canham were on target in Long Sutton’s 3-2 home defeat to Harleston Magpies 3rd.

Connie Gittins fired a treble as Sutton ladies won 3-0 at Cambridge Nomads.




Premier B: Bourne Deeping 0 Cambridge University 2nd 4, Upminster 0 Letchworth 7, Havering 2 Waltham Forest 1, Sudbury 1 Old Southendian 2, Shefford & Sandy 3 Broxbourne 5, Blueharts 7 Spalding 0.

Division Two North: Norwich Dragons 2 City of Peterborough 3rd 2, Horncastle 3 University of East Anglia 5, Harleston Magpies 2nd 6 Dereham 2nd 0, Pelicans 3 St Ives 0, Long Sutton 2 Harleston Magpies 3rd 3, Norwich City 2nd 3 Kettering 4.

Division Three NW: City of Peterborough 4th 8 Bourne Deeping 2nd 1, Leadenham 3 Ely City 1, St Ives 2nd 2 Cambridge South 2nd 4, St Neots 1 Cambridge University 3rd 5, March Town 4 Cambridge City Vets 2, Spalding 2nd 1 Long Sutton 2nd 0.

Division Four NW: Cambridge Nomads 2nd 2 Cambridge South 3rd 4, Cambridge City 5th 1 Alford & District 1, St Ives 3rd 4 Spalding 3rd 2, Kettering 2nd 1 Wisbech Town 2nd 0, Wellingborough 4 Louth 2, Bourne Deeping 3rd 0 City of Peterborough 5th 0.

Division Five NW: Cambridge South 4th 1 St Neots 2nd 3, Bourne Deeping 4th 1 Spalding 4th 7, City of Peterborough 6th 5 Cambridge City 6th 0, Louth 2nd 2 Wisbech Town 3rd 2, Ely City 2nd 1 Kettering 3rd 2, March Town 2nd 5 Bourne Deeping 5th 0.

Division Six NW (N): Long Sutton 3rd 0 City of Peterborough 8th 1, Spalding 5th 0 Horncastle 2nd 3, Alford & District 2nd 5 Leadenham 3rd 1.


Division Two NW: Cambridge Nomads 0 Long Sutton 3, Bury St Edmunds 2nd 2 Cambridge City 4th 1, Bourne Deeping 2 Spalding 3, Dereham 2nd 1 Saffron Walden 1, Pelicans 4 St Ives 2nd 0, Cambridge University 3rd 0 Cambridge South 8.

Division Three NW: Bourne Deeping 2nd 3 Huntingdon 5, Horncastle 7 Ely City 0, Alford & District 5 Cambridge City 5th 0, St Neots 2nd 2 City of Peterborough 3rd 0.

Division Four NW (N): Spilsby 3 Alford & District 2nd 0, March Town 5 Bourne Deeping 3rd 0, Leadenham 6 Long Sutton 2nd 0, Wisbech Town 2nd 8 Horncastle 2nd 3, Louth 2nd 3 Spalding 3rd 1.



Premier B: Blueharts 2 Cambridge University 2nd 0.

Division Three NW: Long Sutton 2nd 3 Leadenham 3.

Division Six NW (N): Long Sutton 3rd 4 Spalding 5th 4, Bourne Deeping 6th 1 Horncastle 2nd 9.


Division Two NW: Long Sutton 0 Dereham 2nd 3.

Division Four NW (N): Long Sutton 2nd 0 Bourne Deeping 3rd 6.




Premier B: Broxbourne v Bourne Deeping, Old Southendian v St Albans 2nd, Letchworth v Blueharts, Spalding v Shefford & Sandy, Waltham Forest v Upminster, Cambridge University 2nd v Sudbury.

Division Two North: Kettering v Horncastle, University of East Anglia v Norwich Dragons, Dereham 2nd v St Ives, City of Peterborough 3rd v Harleston Magpies 2nd, Pelicans v Long Sutton, Harleston Magpies 3rd v Norwich City 2nd.

Division Three NW: Cambridge City Vets v City of Peterborough 4th, Cambridge University 3rd v Spalding 2nd, Bourne Deeping 2nd v Leadenham, St Ives 2nd v March Town, Ely City v St Neots, Long Sutton 2nd v Cambridge South 2nd.

Division Four NW: Wisbech Town 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd, Alford & District v Cambridge South 3rd, Cambridge Nomads 2nd v St Ives 3rd, City of Peterborough 5th v Cambridge City 5th, Louth v Kettering 2nd, Spalding 3rd v Wellingborough.

Division Five NW: Wisbech Town 3rd v Bourne Deeping 4th, Spalding 4th v St Neots 2nd, Cambridge City 6th v Ely City 2nd, Kettering 3rd v Louth 2nd, Cambridge South 4th v March Town 2nd, Bourne Deeping 5th v City of Peterborough 6th.

Division Six NW (N): Bourne Deeping 6th v Long Sutton 3rd, City of Peterborough 8th v Leadenham 2nd, Leadenham 3rd v Spalding 5th, Horncastle 2nd v Alford & District 2nd.


Division Two NW: Cambridge University 3rd v Bury St Edmunds 2nd, Spalding v Cambridge Nomads, Long Sutton v Cambridge South, Cambridge City 4th v Pelicans, St Ives 2nd v Dereham 2nd, Saffron Walden v Bourne Deeping.

Division Three NW: City of Peterborough 3rd v Bourne Deeping 2nd, Ely City v St Neots 2nd, Cambridge City 5th v Spalding 2nd.

Division Four NW (N): Spalding 3rd v Spilsby, Horncastle 2nd v Louth 2nd, Leadenham v March Town, Alford & District 2nd v Long Sutton 2nd, Bourne Deeping 3rd v City of Peterborough 4th.



Division Two North: Dereham 2nd v Horncastle, Kettering v Pelicans.

Division Three NW: Spalding 2nd v St Neots.


Division Two NW: St Ives 2nd v Cambridge University 3rd.

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