TULIPS: Scott bites back

Return fire: Richard Scott has slammed Domenic Genovese (below).
Return fire: Richard Scott has slammed Domenic Genovese (below).
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FORMER Spalding United manager Richard Scott has moved to rubbish remarks made by Domenic Genovese in last week’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

Genovese, who heads up the Tulips’ Academy, slammed Scott’s reign as boss and claimed his young players were ignored by the former Peterborough United professional.

But Scott, who resigned as manager just over two weeks ago, reckons his former colleague needs to get his facts right before dishing out public criticism.

He said: “Myself and Domenic have both been in the game a long time and we’re both fully aware that football is a results business.

“His Academy team finished bottom of their league last season, haven’t won a game this campaign and recently lost to a team who turned up with just ten men.

“He needs to look at his own record before having a pop at me.”

Scott was also unhappy with suggestions he ignored players from the Tulips’ Academy during is 14-month tenure.

The ex-boss, who runs his own soccer school, gave the names of five youth players he used during his Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field stint to the Free Press on Friday – and even claimed he was unable to field two others because they were already signed to other clubs.

Scott added: “I remember Hackett, Williams, Flintoft, Balkwill and Freeney all getting a chance.

“We also tried to use Luke Hipwell and Luke McDowell, only to find out they were tied to other clubs.

“What’s the point in having players in the Academy that can’t be used by the first team?”

Another bone of contention for the popular Scott was Genovese’s claim the Tulips only had three training sessions over the summer and started the season with mostly loan players.

He insists that Spalding had five pre-season sessions and nine friendly fixtures.

Scott also has proof that Simon Ashton and Shane Clancey became the first loan players used by the Tulips in the 2010/11 campaign during a 3-2 loss at Romulus on September 18 – which was nine games into their fixture schedule.

Scott said: “This is not me having a go at the club, Domenic just needs to get his facts right.

“We had a good pre-season and plenty of training sessions.”

Genovese and Scott are two of the 16 managers appointed by Spalding in the last 11 years.

Before his surprise resignation, Scott guided the Tulips to four wins from 31 games this season, with 20 ending in defeat.

He helped the club stave off relegation in 2009/10, having stepped up to the breach in the wake of Mark Hone’s departure.

Genovese succeeded Phil Hubbard back in 2007, but was subsequently replaced by Alan Biley in 2008.

He won three of his 24 games at the helm before being relieved of his duties by chairman Chris Toynton.