SPORT TALK: Why Blatter is the enemy

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YOU may have gathered that fooball is my sport of choice.

I’d hazard a guess that a large percentage of the world would be in the same camp, too.

It’s a sport that anybody can play. Throw four jumpers down, grab a ball, find two teams and you’re away. But while we can all take part, it seems just one man can run the show.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter once again stood unopposed for election this week, meaning we’ve got four more years of his nonsense. Shocked to the very core by scandal after scandal, it appears to be business as usual for the Swiss fat cat and his bunch of cronies.

It seems that Qatar essentially bought the 2022 World Cup under his watch, while any allegations of wrong-doing against the man himself are simply swept under the carpet by the FIFA ‘family’.

We all know what a nation would be labelled if they only offered one candidate for election.

While Blatter is not a villain of Stalinesque proportions, in my mind he is an enemy to football.

The game needs a shake-up. I’d like to know why goal-line technology isn’t used and how it was deemed acceptable to chose Qatar to host a World Cup when it’ll be 50 degrees C during the tournament. I’m sure you all have gripes of your own too.

But while Blatter and his team of dinosaurs sit tax-free and care-free in power at their Switzerland HQ in Nyon, nothing will change.

•I’VE been critical of Manchester United in this column on numerous occasions, but I thought they gave Barcelona a pretty good game in Saturday night’s Champions League final.

In the end the difference in class was too great, but I’m not really sure why anybody was surprised by that.

Barca are the best football team I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and they put on a real show at Wembley – surely they’ll be winners next season too.

Also unsurprising was the fact Ryan Giggs remained anonymous throughout...

•WHAT a start to England’s Test series with Sri Lanka.

Anybody that thinks the sport is dull and predictable need look no further than the final day of the first test at Cardiff.

Written off as a dead rubber and snubbed by the majority of fans, England remarkably skittled out the talented tourists in a matter of hours to secure victory by an innings and 14 runs.

Watching Jonathan Trott and Co nudge and nurdle their way through five days may not be for everyone. But England now boast a Test side that has a genuine chance of becoming the best in the world. There’s not many sports we can say that about.

Well sports that actually matter, that is...