SPORT TALK: Time to kick out cliches and TV pundits

EXPERT ANALYSIS: BBC Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer.
EXPERT ANALYSIS: BBC Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer.
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Happy new year – let’s hope the next 12 months give us plenty to talk about!

In the crazy world of football, there are so many cliches which I’d love to be kicked out sooner rather than later.

Previously I may well have mentioned my displeasure over the huge number of former players who have taken the easy path to earning more money by talking absolute nonsense as TV pundits, instead of putting something back into the game through coaching.

Too often we hear them discuss confidence, bad luck and anything else which can’t be proved in a bid to explain why these professionals are unable to pass a ball or hit the target from a few yards.

Of course, this is despite teams managing to achieve the impossible by giving more than 100 per cent in terms of effort!

How about trying harder on the training pitch for a couple of hours each day instead of making excuses?

Apparently this has been an unpredictable first half of the Barclays Premier League season but I’m not convinced that it’s much different really.

Although it’s great to see Chelsea battling against relegation, we know that the likes of Manchester United are always a couple of defeats away from yet another ‘crisis’.

It would be a massive surprise if Arsenal and Manchester City don’t finish as the top two – but the overall quality of the league seems to be getting even worse when they waste more millions.

This week we can all look forward to clubs showing their strength in depth by fielding reserve players in the FA Cup third round.

The decisions of the BBC and BT Sport to show live games involving Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are absurd and totally against what the third round should be all about.

However, they will have ‘experts’ ready to bring out ‘stats’ and FA Cup cliches.