SPORT TALK: Throw Terry the armband

Back from the cold? John Terry. Photo by Tom Hevezi
Back from the cold? John Terry. Photo by Tom Hevezi
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SO it looks like John Terry will be thrown the England captain’s armband again. Cue hysterics from all the do-gooders and hypocrites out there.

For any of you who the missed it, the Chelsea skipper was stripped of the job only one year ago, after allegedly ‘playing away’ with the mother of then team-mate Wayne Bridge’s child.

It was more like a storyline from Eastenders than a football debacle, with over-used words such as ‘shamed’ and ‘disgraced’ used before every mention of Terry’s name. All this in a year when we were supposed to win the World Cup.

But much like Albert Square, that notion was nothing more than pure fantasy and 12 months on we’re in need of a proper leader ahead of Euro 2012.

Defensive partner Rio Ferdinand took over from Terry, but his injury problems have seen him miss virtually every fixture in recent memory. Let’s not forget that’s the same Ferdinand who was suspended back in 2006 for missing a drugs test.

Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard has often taken on the responsibility in Ferdinand’s absence, but he’s crocked too. Gerrard himself has been no stranger to off-field controversy in the past few years.

And don’t get me started on Wayne Rooney or Ashley Cole.

Take a quick glance over the entire roster and pretty much every ‘regular’ has a skeleton or two in their closet – unless you count James Milner, who probably still lives with his mum. So, all things considered, why not give Terry another shot.

Yes, he’s not the most likeable of human beings, but he’s clearly an on-field leader – even if his best days are probably behind him.

•IT’S great to see Holbeach United finding their form.

After a disastrous start relegation from the UCL Premier Division still looked a real possibility two weeks ago.

But four wins from their last five have put paid to those fears – and I know boss John Chand has big plans for next season.After losing almost an entire squad last summer, the Tigers are on course for their target of mid-table. Chand should be congratulated for a job well done.

It’s been a welcome change to write a few positive football stories of late, although Spalding are still up to their old tricks.

•THE ‘magic’ of the FA Cup has served up a Stoke versus Bolton semi-final.

I bet ITV and ESPN were squabbling over that one.

If Tony Pulis’ hoofers were playing in my back garden, I’d close the curtains.