SPORT TALK: Happy with Roy; hats off to Pinchbeck; Sunday League dismay

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FOR once, it seems the FA have made a sensible choice in appointing Roy Hodgson as England manager.

While few people are jumping for joy at the news, it’s hard not to feel pleased for him.

Hodgson appears to be both a gentleman and consummate professional – and it’s unlikely he’ll be making any headlines for the wrong reasons. For a team plagued by controversy in recent years, it’s a welcome boost.

Although the West Brom boss had a tough time of it at Liverpool, his CV is largely impressive – and it’s a shame certain quarters of the national press don’t focus on that instead of his inability to pronounce the letter R.

LET’S hope the England national team are as successful in Poland and Ukraine as our sides have been this season.

Hot on the heels of Holbeach United’s county cup win last week, Pinchbeck United lifted the PFA Senior Cup for the first time in their history on Monday night.

While some have chosen to knock them this season, I couldn’t be happier for Ian Dunn and his side. Pinchbeck are something of a rare breed at local level – a team that actually wants to make progress up the non-league ladder.

They should be congratulated for trying to make their mark, not abused for it.

STAYING with the local scene, I was contacted by a disgruntled Spalding Sunday League stalwart this week. At his own request I won’t name him, but he’s been involved with the league since he was a teenager.

The focus of his concern was that Sunday League football in South Holland is no longer appealing – a topic I’ve heard raised a number of times this season.

I know it’s been a tough year for the league, with just four teams in the top flight making for a disjointed schedule. Anyway, here’s what he had to say...

“It appears we have a situation where not enough teams are joining. I can understand why teams aren’t joining as I believe council pitches are way too expensive.

“This season has been a nightmare. We played one game every four weeks. This is Sunday football and I want to enjoy it, as does my team.”

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