FOOTBALL: ‘What they have done is totally out of order’

Seb Hayes
Seb Hayes
  • ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties League Premier Division
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Seb Hayes felt frustrated over “a lack of respect” which left Holbeach United without a game on Saturday.

The Tigers’ fixture against Sileby Rangers was postponed when the Northampton club’s management and squad failed to turn up at Carter’s Park.

However, Hayes accepts that the match should be rearranged rather than three points being awarded by the ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties League.

He said: “We were told at 2.20pm when the referee was notified that there would be a likely chance of nobody from Sileby coming here.

“Their manager (Matt Clarke) resigned on Friday night and all the players decided to go with him.

“We were told initially that 12 would turn up to fulfil the fixture.

Sileby’s management and players have let down the club. It’s embarrassing for the league when any team refuses to play.

Seb Hayes

“Then we heard that eight had decided not to travel and the other four were en route but then turned around to go back home.

“The match was officially called off by the referee at 3.15pm but we had to prepare properly in case they turned up.

“We realised around 2.45pm that they wouldn’t be coming so we had a training session for about 35 minutes after the normal pre-match warm-up.

“It’s still mathematically possible for us to win the title so it’s only fair for all our rivals that this game should be played.

“We would prefer to pick up the points on the pitch.

“Sileby’s management and players have let down the club. It’s embarrassing for the league when any team refuses to play.

“They should have been more professional and turned up whatever the circumstances.

“When I resigned as manager of Huntingdon Town, I gave them three games’ notice and even helped to find a new boss.

“I know Holbeach were guilty of a mistake last season when Cogenhoe United were not notified that the game had been called off.

“It was not deliberate but we paid the fine and Cogenhoe’s travelling expenses.

“I think Sileby’s management and players have shown a lack of respect to the league and the title race. What they have done is totally out of order.”

The match has been rearranged for Wednesday, April 11.

Holbeach dropped to fifth place in the Premier Division - nine points behind leaders Yaxley with four games in hand - ahead of Wednesday’s home game against Cogenhoe.