FOOTBALL: Deeping Rangers kits head to Africa

Richard Stainsby in The Gambia
Richard Stainsby in The Gambia
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Goalkeeper Richard Stainsby has taken Deeping Rangers’ kits to support teams in west Africa.

They were donated to villagers in The Gambia on a charity trip last week.

Stainsby explained: “It all started when my girlfriend Rebecca Taylor and I decided to book a holiday out here to visit her parents Richard and Ann who built a school and compound 17 years ago – but they have been coming for 19 years.

“It is their own registered charity who have built schools, houses, clinics, food supplies, medical and food supplies.

“In the village there are two teams – a senior and a junior team.

“When I explained I was going on holiday to the staff, Dave Holmes (groundsman and kitman at Deeping) discussed taking a few kits for the school and junior teams.

“He found three or four kits which had to be sorted out and we managed to increase our charitable luggage weight to 20kg from 10kg with Thomas Cook.

“Once here in Brufut, The Gambia, local lads from the teams came knocking on the compound to see if I would be able to go play football.

“So, the second evening playing with the juniors, I took a kit down and gave them a strip each which is given back to their coach Solomon after football matches and kept in a kit bag also supplied.

“The smiles on the kids’ faces when we gave them the kits was something I will never forget! Not only are the people so nice and welcoming here, their passion for football is something else!”

The smiles on their faces were unforgettable.

Richard Stainsby