FOOTBALL: Boss still waiting for apology

Seb Hayes alongside Darren Edey who resigned last week as assistant manager

Holbeach United manager Seb Hayes feels “very frustrated” in the battle to restore his reputation following a false allegation over an attempted headbutt on a match official.

He was wrongly accused after the Boxing Day defeat at Wisbech Town.

I’m in heated discussions to clear this up. It would only take one email or a phone call.

Seb Hayes

Hayes was cleared after two independent witnesses – including Spalding Guardian sports editor Mark Lea – had submitted reports.

Hayes had been accused of an attempted headbutt on an assistant referee in the tunnel after the game.

However, he had stayed on the pitch with the Tigers’ squad and coaching staff to discuss the 4-0 defeat.

Around 15 minutes after the final whistle, when the match officials had left the tunnel area, Hayes carried out a post-match interview.

But he is still awaiting an apology from assistant referee Matt Jackson more than two months later.

Hayes said: “I’m in touch with Derbyshire FA who are investigating the case.

“I can’t understand why they won’t contact the match referee Paul Dobbs to clear my name 100 per cent.

“I spoke to him again on Tuesday night and he’s made himself available. For some reason, the FA are reluctant to contact him.

“Once they do it, I can get an apology for the good of the game.

“I’m very frustrated at the moment because everyone knows this is wrong.

“I’m in heated discussions to clear this up. It would only take one email or a phone call.

“I’m not going away until I get an apology because I could have lost my job over this.

“Other managers in the league have shown support as they know my reputation could be tarnished.

“In a position of authority, it seems the officials can say anything. There has been no charge to be answered by the assistant referee.”

Hayes is serving a five-match stadium ban for foul and abusive language after accepting the FA charge. He has already missed four games.

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