LINCOLNSHIRE FA: Fantastic opportunities for coaches to benefit

Football coaching
Football coaching
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The Lincolnshire FA Coaches Associations were launched in line with the national FA Coach Mentor programme last week – starting in the North (Grimsby) and Central (Lincoln). It continues this week in the South (Sleaford).

The Coaches Associations are fantastic opportunities for local coaches to benefit from bespoke support and Continued Professional Development (CPD) within their own clubs, with their own players, as well as attending quarterly CPD meetings with other like-minded coaches within the local area to discuss topics within football coaching that they choose.

The Lincolnshire FA will be committing to three Coaches Associations in partnership with the FA Coach Mentor programme – North Lincolnshire, Central Lincolnshire and South Lincolnshire – with meetings taking place every quarter: October, February and May.

The first sessions delivered in October will be based around Futsal and the benefits this can have on grassroots players and coaches.

The other two meeting topics will be chosen by the associations members coaches from a grassroots designed menu.

This will ensure that local coaches are benefiting from experiences and topics that are relevant to them, the local area and their coaching journey.

As part of Lincolnshire Football Association’s commitment to the member coaches within the local Coaches Association, we will ensure that each coach 
receives specific mentoring support throughout the season back in their clubs (between quarterly meetings), designed around their wants and needs to support them individually with coach development plan, thus developing their players and coaching toolkit.

Next season the Lincolnshire Football Association will be looking to expand their Coaches Association programme into more localised areas, rather than regionalised into North, Central and South.

If you’re actively coaching and would be interested in the Coaches Association programme, please contact Chris Funnell by email at