Football: This week’s fixtures

Spalding number one Michael Duggan will be looking to keep out Newcastle Town in the FA Trophy on Saturday
Spalding number one Michael Duggan will be looking to keep out Newcastle Town in the FA Trophy on Saturday
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Your guide to all the games



Preliminary round: Newcastle v Spalding.


Second qualifying round: Great Yarmouth v Deeping, Swaffham v Bourne.


Knockout Cup preliminary round: Holbeach v Bugbrooke St Michaels (winners at home to Blackstones).

Premier Division: Harborough v Boston, Huntingdon v Newport Pagnell, Leicester Nirvana v Yaxley, Wisbech v Desborough.

Division One: Buckingham v Burton Park Wanderers, Irchester v Lutterworth, Peterborough Sports v Whitworth, Rushden & Higham v Oakham, Thrapston v Stewarts & Lloyds Corby, Woodford v Olney.

Reserve Division: ON Chenecks v Irchester, Olney v Rushden & Higham, Peterborough Northern Star v Northampton Spencer, Whitworth v Rothwell Corinthians.

Reserve Knockout Cup quarter-final: Bugbrooke St Michaels v Cogenhoe.


Premier Division (2pm): AFC Stanground v Leverington Sports, Holbeach Res v Riverside, Langtoft v Whittlesey, Moulton Harrox v Thorney, Netherton v Crowland, Sawtry v Peterborough ICA Sports, Stilton v Peterborough Sports Res.

Division One (2pm): Baston v Moulton Harrox Res, Long Sutton v Oundle, Peterborough ICA Sports Res v Kings Cliffe, Spalding Res v Netherton Res, Stamford Belvedere v Stamford Lions, Warboys v Langtoft Res, Wittering v Sutton Bridge.

Division Two (2pm): Glinton & Northborough v Hampton Sport, Oakham Res v Ketton Res, Peterborough PL United v Crowland Res, Pinchbeck Res v Parkway Eagles, Whittlesey A v Sawtry Res.

Division Three (2pm): Bretton North End v Uppingham Res, Eye v Stilton Res, Oundle Res v Stanground Sports, Ramsey v Baston Res, Riverside Res v Whittlesey B, Stamford Lions Res v Farcet, Tydd St Mary v Thorpe Wood Rangers.

Division Four (2pm): Holbeach Bank v FC Peterborough, Netherton B v Tydd St Mary Res (2.15pm), Parkside v Long Sutton Res, Parkway Eagles Res v Stamford Belvedere Res, Sutton Bridge Res v Warboys Res.

Division Five (2pm): FC Peterborough Res v Stamford Lions A, KRC Deeping v Stanground Sports Res, Leverington Sports A v Whittlesey C, Parkside Res v Feeder, Parkway Eagles A v Harrowby Res.


Skegness United v Ruston Sports, Wyberton v Sleaford Res.

Challenge Cup first round: CGB Humbertherm v Brigg Res, Horncastle v Hykeham, Market Rasen v Skegness Town.


Taylors Garages Premier Division (2.30pm): Benington v Pointon, Coningsby v Spilsby, Fishtoft v Heckington, Kirton Town v Billinghay, Old Leake v Wyberton Res, Ruskington v Swineshead.

Taylors Peugeot Division One (2.30pm): Swineshead Res v Wrangle.

Taylors Ford Division Two (2.30pm): AFC Tetford v Coningsby Res, Billinghay Res v Kirton Town Res, Pointon Res v Fishtoft Res.

Taylors Vauxhall Division Three (2.30pm): Old Doningtonians Res v Leverton Sheepgate Res, Spilsby Res v FC Hammers, Wyberton A v Benington Res.

Target Newspapers Challenge Cup first round (2pm): FC Boston v Sibsey, FC Kirton v Boston Titans, FC Magnet v Swineshead A, Fosdyke v Friskney, Freiston v Park United, Leverton Sheepgate v Boston Athletic, Mareham v Pointon A, Northgate Olympic v Woodhall Spa, Railway Athletic v Eastern European, Spalding Harriers v Old Doningtonians, Sutterton v Holbeach Bank.


Under-7 Zone (10.30am): Bourne Claret v ICA, Crowland v Peterborough, G&N v Spalding, Stamford v Werrington.

Under-7 Zone (11.30am): Feeder Red v Feeder Blue, Park Farm Red v Bourne Red, Phoenix v Parkside, Stamford Yellow v Pinchbeck.

Under-8 Zone (10.30am): Hampton v Feeder Blue, Holbeach Black v Thorney, IPTA v Peterborough, Netherton v Parkside Yellow, Oundle Blue v Whittlesey, Park Farm Black v Oundle White, Phoenix v Crowland, Riverside v G&N Blue, Stanground Black v Park Farm Red, Thurlby v Spalding Blue, Werrington v Stamford.

Under-8 Zone (11.30am): Bourne Claret v Deeping Claret, G&N Amber v Boston, Holbeach Yellow v Deeping Blue, One Touch v Bourne Red, Parkside Green v Stamford Yellow, Stanground Purple v Feeder Red, TWR v Wittering.

Under-9 Zone (10.30am): Holbeach Black v Crowland, IPTA v Feeder, Oundle v Peterborough, TWR v Hampton, Thorney v G&N, Thurlby v Spalding Orange.

Under-9 Zone (11.30am): Deeping Claret v Holbeach Yellow, Park Farm Blue v Stamford Yellow, Riverside Blue v Park Farm Red, Spalding Blue v Leverington, Stamford Red v Deeping Blue, Stanground v Netherton.

Under-9 Medal Purple (10.30am): Bretton v Werrington Blue, Park Farm Black v Parkside Red, Parkside Blue v FC Peterborough.

Under-9 Medal Yellow: One Touch v Wittering (10.30am), Riverside Purple v Bourne Claret (10.30am), Gunthorpe v Werrington Red (11.30am).

Under-10 Medal Blue: G&N Amber v Werrington (10.30am), Netherton Wagtails v Oundle Red (11.30am), One Touch v Stamford Red (11.30am).

Under-10 Medal Green: Blackstones v Bourne Red (10.30am), Holbeach Black v Pinchbeck Pumas (11.30am), Spalding Orange v Pinchbeck Predators (11.30am).

Under-10 Medal Purple: Parkside v Gunthorpe U(10.30am), Phoenix v Netherton Ravens (10.30am), Riverside Purple v Riverside Blue (10.30am), G&N Black v FC Peterborough (11.30am).

Under-10 Medal Red: Feeder v Hampton Blue (10.30am), Stamford Yellow v Yaxley (10.30am), IPTA v Oundle Green (11.30am).

Under-10 Medal White (10.30am): Boston v Thurlby, Holbeach Yellow v Bourne Claret, Spalding Blue v Deeping Claret.

Under-10 Medal Yellow (10.30am): March SS v WSM, Stanground v Hampton Royal, Whittlesey v Park Farm Red.



First round (10.30am): FC Genes v Swineshead, South Holland v Gatehouse, Sutton Bridge v Hykeham Memorial, The Green Man Ropsley v Punchbowl Tigers.


Jubilee v Mulberry, Leisure League v Punchbowl Panthers, Pinchbeck v SAS Wanderers.


Division One: CSKA v Tilney Green Lions, Chilvers v Clenchwarton Victory, Dersingham Social Club v FANG, Flitcham Bell v Old White Bell, Sutton St James v England’s Hope, West Lynn Wanderers v Burt.

Division Two: CR Eastern Province v Heacham, CSKA Young Boys v CSKA Res, Elm v Three Holes Tigers, MacMillan v March Saracens, Tydd St Mary v Shouldham, West Winch William Burt v Necton.


Under-11 Medal Blue: Stamford v Hampton Royal (noon), Gunthorpe Sky v Park Farm Red (2pm), Whittlesey Blue v G&N Black (2pm).

Under-11 Medal Green: Leverington v Spalding Orange (10.30am), Tydd St Mary v March SS (noon), Whittlesey Red v March Ath (noon).

Under-11 Medal Red: Netherton v Yaxley (10.30am), Riverside v IPTA (10.30am), Deeping Blue v Feeder (noon), One Touch v Oundle (noon).

Under-11 Medal Yellow: FC Peterborough v Hampton Navy (10.30am), Northern Star v G&N Blue (10.30am), Wittering v Gunthorpe Navy (10.30am), Parkside v Park Farm Black (2pm).

Under-11 Medal White: Spalding Blue v Bourne Claret (noon), Bourne Red v Deeping Claret (2pm).

Under-12 Division One (10.30am): Hampton Navy v Gunthorpe, One Touch v Feeder.

Under-12 Division Two: Leverington v Hampton Blue (noon), Northern Star v Whittlesey Blue (noon), Oundle v Werrington (noon), Hempsted v Crowland (2pm).

Under-12 Division Three: Sawtry v Hungate (10.30am), Yaxley v WSM (10.30am), Whittlesey Red v March SS White (2pm).

Under-12 Division Four: Park Farm Red v Tydd St Mary (10.30am), FC Peterborough v Blackstones (2pm), Holbeach Girls v Hampton Royal (2.30pm).

Under-13 PFA Knockout Cup: Feeder v Oundle (10.30am), Holbeach Yellow v Thurlby (10.30am), Netherton Hawks v Werrington Red (10.30am), Pinchbeck v Werrington Blue (10.30am), Whittlesey v Leverington (10.30am), Hampton Blue v Blackstones (noon), Northern Star Black v Deeping Blue (noon), Park Farm Red v Netherton Phoenix (noon), Stanground v Northern Star White (noon), WSM v March Rangers (noon), Yaxley v Park Farm Black (noon), Alconbury v Colsterworth (2pm), Bourne v Hampton Royal (2pm), Deeping Claret v Holbeach Black (2pm), Stamford v Spalding (2pm), Tydd St Mary v Crowland (2pm).

Under-14 Division One: Gunthorpe Navy v Netherton (10.30am), March Rangers v Deeping Blue (10.30am), Northern Star v King’s Lynn (10.30am), G&N Amber v Wasps (2pm).

Under-14 Division Two: Deeping Amber v Thurlby (10.30am), G&N Black v Phoenix (10.30am), Bourne Claret v Spalding (noon), Whittlesey v Langtoft (noon), Werrington v March SS (2pm).

Under-14 Division Three: Bourne Red v Riverside (10.30am), Crowland v R&F (10.30am), Wittering v Oundle (10.30am), Feeder v Stanground (noon), Gunthorpe Sky v Stamford (2pm), Thorney v Pinchbeck (2.30pm).


Under-15 Division One: Bourne v Deeping (10.30am), Hampton Blue v Stamford (10.30am), Northern Star Blue v Gonerby (10.30am), Stanground v Gunthorpe (10.30am), Spalding v G&N Amber (2pm).

Under-15 Division Two: Blackstones v WSM (10.30am), Ketton v R&F (10.30am), Feeder v Malborne (2pm), Pinchbeck v Oundle (2pm), Thorpe Wood Rangers Blue v Kings Cliffe (2pm), Werrington v Northern Star Red (2pm).

Under-15 Division Three: G&N Black v Thorpe Wood Rangers Red (10.30am), Leverington v March (10.30am), Thurlby v Riverside (10.30am), Parkside v Boston Yellow (2pm).

Under-16 Division One: Deeping Blue v Peterborough Sports (10.30am), March v Yaxley Lynx (10.30am), Bourne v Stamford Red (2pm).

Under-16 Division Two: Yaxley Blue v Netherton Blue Jays (10.30am), Deeping Claret v Spalding Blue (2pm).

Under-16 Division Three: Spalding Orange v Long Sutton (10.30am), G&N v Thurlby (2pm).

Under-16 Knockout Cup first round (1.30pm): Thorney v Pinchbeck.

Under-18 Division One: Bourne Black v Stanground (10.30am), G&N Amber v Werrington (2pm), Northern Star v Sawtry (2pm), Riverside v Deeping (2pm), Stamford v Leverington (2pm).

Under-18 Division Two: Blackstones v Ketton (10.30am), Bourne Bluev G&N Black (10.30am), Crowland v Wisbech Acorns (10.30am), March Saracens v Bourne Red (10.30am), British School of Sport v Spalding (2pm), Pinchbeck v Outwell Swifts (2pm).



Knockout Cup preliminary round: Desborough v Deeping (winners at home to Cogenhoe), Wellingborough v Long Buckby (winners at home to Sileby).

Premier Division: Eynesbury v Peterborough Northern Star, Sileby v Leicester Nirvana, Wisbech v Huntingdon, Yaxley v Holbeach.

Division One: Bourne v Oakham, Buckingham v Woodford, Irchester v Burton Park Wanderers, Thrapston v Whitworth.



Knockout Cup first round: AFC Kempston v Northampton Spencer (at Biggleswade).

Division One: Blackstones v Peterborough Sports.