FOOTBALL: Tulips v Tigers - views from the dugout

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Spalding United manager Andy Stanhope and Holbeach United boss John Chand reflect on this week’s derby...

Stanhope: “The match went very well for us and the big man (Smith) did his job again.

“For me, it was a toss-up between him and Nick Conroy for man of the match.

“We had some favourable decisions but when teams are on at the referee and his assistants for everything during a match perhaps sometimes it doesn’t help their cause.

“From where I was, it looked like a foul on Ashley Stevens but Fuff told me he took the ball.

“And as for the goal ruled out for offside, did the player actually make it to the byline before he crossed? If he did, then it wasn’t offside.

“It was a very good game. Both sides handled themselves well on the pitch.

“Holbeach are a good side and will go on to win a lot more matches than they lose.”

Chand: “I don’t think there was a 2-0 gap between the teams, but Spalding played well and won so fair play to them.

“We had the worst possible start by conceding a sloppy goal and it festered from there.

“We’ve had a strong penalty appeal turned down and seen Ash (Stevens) booked for diving. He is an honest player and said he was clipped.

“And then we had a goal ruled out for offside when our man has pulled the ball back from the byline.

“I’m bitterly disappointed to lose a derby, but not too despondent.

“Given that we’ve played Spalding, Boston Town, S&L Corby, Peterborough Northern Star, Blackstones and Kempston – all teams that will expect to be in the top eight – I’m reasonably happy where we are.”