DGM sponsorship deal as Lloyd lands dream job

SPALDING teenager Lloyd Chatham has landed a great opportunity in his quest to become a golf professional with sponsorship by property developers DGM.

Lloyd (18) starts as an assistant professional at Wensum Valley Golf Club in Norwich on April 24.

And DGM have stepped in with support after he impressed on a work experience placement.

Lloyd said: "It is a dream come true. DGM have been fantastic helping me to get to this stage.

"It is like the beginning of a new life for me and I can't wait to get started."

In just five years Lloyd (18) has reached a handicap of 5 and it's falling fast.

But for the past two years it's remained the same because he just hasn't had the time to commit to the game.

The student at Robert Manning Technology Collge, Bourne, said: "I have been really busy with A-levels and now I have an evening job for pocket money so my time on the range or out on the course has been really limited.

"DGM have given me a great opportunity by sponsoring me.

"It has enabled me to drop some of my work and get practising.

"I need to get my handicap to at least 4.4 to start the PGA training.

Lloyd's father John recognised that his son had some real talent but never imagined that he might want to make a career out of it or show it such commitment.

Lloyd said: "I was introduced to the game from caddying for my Dad who asked me if I would like to hit a golf ball. Of course, I said yes.

"After a few mis-hits and some great fluke shots I was soon addicted to learning the game.

"I was ferried around local courses with my dad, and then my mum would be certain that I was always at the dinner table on time each evening and then into my room to study!

"I would love to be a pro, play in pro-ams, teach and even get on tour if I could ever make the cut."

DGM chairman Russ Delahoy said: "We are thrilled at Lloyd's success and wish him the very best in his new position at Wensum Valley.

"At DGM we support young, ambitious individuals who are trying to make a place for themselves.

"We frequently have work experience students and we noticed a real talent in Lloyd.

"He has the right attitude and plenty of drive and ambition which is essential in any career.

"We look forward to continuing his sponsorship and watching his success."