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Welland Yacht Club members enjoy challenges of strong wind in latest points race

Strong wind delayed the start of last Sunday’s racing for Welland Yacht Club members - but once under way they made the most of the conditions.

Taking full advantage of wind strength at Cradge Bank, a long course was chosen for race two in the Sunday Points series.

All three boats got away without issue. Gail Follington (Topper) leading from Mark Holland (Laser Radial) and Brian Cobb (Europe).

The first race gets under way in blustery conditions on the River Welland at Cradge Bank, Spalding.
The first race gets under way in blustery conditions on the River Welland at Cradge Bank, Spalding.

Holland in the faster Radial pulled ahead, only to capsize and drop to the back. Cobb took the lead as they made their way up to the windward mark (buoy six) near the bypass bridge.

After rounding that, Cobb still led from Follington then Holland with all three planing on the downwind run. The order remained the same as they headed back to the windward mark for the final time but Holland took another capsize.

Again planing was achieved on the downwind run with Holland making gains on Follington as they headed towards the bottom mark and back to the finish.

Winner of the morning race, Gail Follington.
Winner of the morning race, Gail Follington.

Once around the final bend it was Cobb from Holland then Follington and this was the finishing order. However, Follington took win under handicap, with Cobb second and Holland third.

During lunch break, three more competitors came and set up for the windy conditions - then the first of the rain came down and with that the wind died away.

The course was shortened for the next race with Cobb getting away ahead of Gail Follington then Katie Follington (Topper), Holland, Alistair Mitchell (Laser Radial) and Alan Cox (Topper). As they make their way to the windward mark (buoy four), Mitchell had made his way up to second with Holland third then Gail Follington, Cox and Katie Follington.

The order remained unchanged for the remainder of the race with Cobb and Mitchell having pulled out quite a lead. Mitchell took the win under personal handicap from Cobb second and Gail Follington third.

Afternoon race winner Alistair Mitchell.
Afternoon race winner Alistair Mitchell.

With the first race being delayed and the next wave of rain taking away what remained of the wind, the last race of the day was postponed.

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